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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I’m catching up on The Circle and it’s so lovely to watch Emma and Mel interact with each other. We haven’t seen the girls really interacting when they’re not onstage in such a long time.
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  2. It's very refreshing gotta say. Not lost their chemistry together at all.
  3. Geri was having meetings in the states recently. Things seem to be in motion for next year.
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  4. I hope youre right!!! I’m gonna do SO MANY DATES!!!
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  5. I wonder if it will be revamped?
  6. I reckon it’ll be basically new outfits and that’s it.
  7. Considering it'll be at least a 4 year gap, I kind of hope we'll get a new tour design.
  8. I just want Geri's Brexit fits gone - the rest were all amazing.
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  9. You’ll get them all but in white and you’ll like it!
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  10. Mel and Emma were so genuinely excited when they found out they completed their mission. So adorable. Bless them.

    Not gonna lie I got a little teary when they hugged and told each other they had a lovely time.
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  11. I can see them swapping odd songs out - like Do It for Denying etc. Making the most of all the up-front costs they’ve already paid for, but making it a bit fresher - though I’m not sure they’d tour the UK with the exact same setup as they had before, I can only see this happening for European/International dates.
  12. The likes of Do it and Denying, are just as worthy of the classic singles to get their moment live. The former especially, is just such an huge pop anthem.
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  13. Even the BTS shots are iconic.

  14. Was this their first performance with live vocals?

    Also, Mel C confirmed on the NYT Twitter space today that there’ll be a Spiceworld25 and they want it to be bigger and better than Spice25
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  15. It's one of their first TV appearances.. from 14 June 1996
  16. Fab, fab, FAB news about Spiceworld25-take my money ladies!
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  17. Well, that isn't too hard.
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  18. It actually makes sense that there are more demos for Spiceworld than Spice. They couldn't really afford to pay out for studio sessions for the first album so the time was spent recording specific tracks. Whereas for the second album they had a studio ready whenever they needed to and would write and record in-between filming the movie, so loads of unfinished tracks and ideas would've been floated about, right?
  19. Probably not a good idea to get your hopes up, you never know.
  20. @biff stannard has already said about there being more for this era, so I'm just thinking of the possibilities.

    Honestly I'm mostly hoping Christophe Gstalder is gonna get that coffee table book out in conjunction with the anniversary.
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