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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I wonder if the vinyls for Spiceworld25 will be the same style as for Spice25? 1 for each girl.
  2. I think it’s safe to assume they will, the pictures from that shoot are great and it’s more money/sales anyway.
  3. They 100% will. I highly doubt Spice 25 would have been that profitable without the individual vinyl covers.
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  4. Spiceworld is one of my favourite albums, so I'm thrilled we should be getting a Spiceworld25!

    If they don't put Spiceworld-The Movie back in cinemas for a limited showing, I'll be fuming! I never saw it in cinemas when I was younger (or from what I remember) so it'd be a moment if so.
  5. I didn't get to watch it at the movies either. The closest one to us was over an hour away at the time. I did buy the vhs on release day, well my mom did for me. My mom let me skip school so I could watch it. Then later that night we watched it again for family movie night. My brother bitched and moaned about it but after watching it, I think he was into more than me haha.
  6. I saw Spiceworld in theaters at the very first showing of the day it came out. My mom, sister and I were the first people there. Looking back, it was a formative gay experience.
  7. The Spieceworld photoshoot is just so ICONIC and so many great shots/looks.
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  9. My poor father being dragged to the theater for opening weekend of SpiceWorld with me… having to wait in line for hours to ensure we got decent seats… and having to wake up the snoring parent sitting on the other side of me because they were disrupting my experience… I am forever grateful.
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  10. No one took me to see it in theaters but my parents bought me the VHS when it came out to make up for that!
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  11. This still remains one of the best things I was ever bought by my parents:
  12. That whole photoshoot is such a serve. Having watched countless hours of ANTM since really made me appreciate how much of a struggle a trampoline shoot is and how they just made it look so effortless.
  13. I totally warn out my copy of SpiceWorld the movie. Pretty much still a film I know word for word.
    (Still love that Emma's smile can get away with anything! And now it's even when she's 50!!! Haha)
    And the PURPLE double VHS edition (which I still have) was on constant repeat. Watch the film, then the doc of the film.
    At one point I would always have Pepsi, Walkers Chrisps and Chuba Chub lollipops as my snack of choice for that film!
  14. Yes. Is that second video online anywhere?
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  15. I think it has been on YouTube. Not sure if it's still there
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  16. They probably had static beauty shots for the face which they then stuck on the bodies dd
  17. Even then the ANTM girls could barely manage decent body shots dd
  18. Spiceworld the film, needs it's own celebration for it's 25th this year. Sure it will do too.
  19. Yes!
    It would also be perfect for one of those themed/secret cinema type affair!
    And upscaled in all the 4K glory!
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  20. I’ve tried to find it, but maybe I’m not searching well. I’ll keep trying and post it here if I find it.
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