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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Ahhhh I loved watching that, thank you! The US leg of the tour is iconic in its own right. Going from pitch black arenas to open air amphitheatres must have felt weird for them; not a fan of how light everything looks, but that entrance and the poses when they start singing will always give me chills. Legends only etc.
  2. I wonder if Emma just sang the whole opening section and if Mel got back in time for the chorus?
  3. There's also the intro to If You Can't Dance from Montreal here:
  4. This is my channel, I have good quality footage of the first 5 minutes of the Miami show (including Mel C running off stage after her trousers ripped during the intro of Who Do You Think You Are). I'll get round to uploading!
  5. Please do!
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  6. I don't think I'll ever get bored of seeing footage from the 98 tour. I seem to recall a rumour that there's even footage from Don Valley Stadium out there, but I don't know if that's true.
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  7. Thank you @worldspice! I didn't know that Miami photo op was for Aprillia - I assumed that it was only for Europe and that it never really took off since Geri left (hence the lawsuit). Also it's so cool seeing the full show opening! Not the entire audience sitting down immediately after Mel B starts her verse though
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  8. Yep. The same folks that have the Touch demos in HQ have most of the footage from Betamax tapes.
  9. I would looooove to hear all about this one day! I only knew of the 7/8 European dates existed for sure on top of the couple that have leaked. You're welcome to PM!
  10. Amazing how they were able to play such big venues on their first US tour.

    Is there any other footage from Dublin or is it just Stop?
  11. We also have The Lady Is A Vamp. I always wondered why that was the song they sent clips of to news stations for the European tour.
  12. More tapes leaked back in the late noughties; Arnhem, Antwerp, 2 different Paris dates, Lyon and Madrid if I remember correctly.

    Betacams of Copenhagen, Stockholm x 2, Vienna x 2, Paris Bercy x 2 and Birmingham x 2 are out there.

    Gutted Barcelona is nowhere to be seen since that’s the date I attended!
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  13. Still waiting for someone to leak Melody of Life. It's the only Touch song that sounds like it was recorded during the Spice sessions.
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  14. That's an old italian television channel, oh memories
  15. I still wanna know what underhanded techniques the fan used to get the Betacam tapes in the first place.
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  16. I had a dream that the girls did their own version of Voyage, with the girlpowertars in their most iconic of looks. I woke up really sad that it's not a thing yet.
  17. MB


    Geri is now Dr Geri?
  18. She's being given an honorary doctorate from Sheffield Hallam University for her work championing children and women's rights.
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  19. Surprised this has not been posted. But yeah Sporty has a memoir out 15th September. Can't wait to dig in the pages.
  20. GCZ


    I wonder when we are going to start to hear more about Spiceworld 25. It was around this time last year we learned about Wannabe 25, so hopefully we will know some more information soon.

    Im curious if they’re holding off to launch it until closer to the Spice Up Your Life release anniversary with a 25th edition of the single. That would be ideal in my opinion.
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