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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. My guess is this’ll be the SpiceWorld individual vinyl images.

  2. My guess is this’ll be the SpiceWorld individual vinyl images.
  3. Geraldine looked so fierce in that shot.
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  4. Peak Geri. Woman was a Goddess, and still is.
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  5. Not that logo! Please stick to the original for the vinyl
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  6. That and this, were such serves:
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  7. It’s just bizarre. The wrong order. Wrong pics. I don’t know what’s happened to Mel B’s trousers?!
  8. I'm hopeful (lol) that since they've used the dotted logo in the original font on some merch that they're able to use it for the release this time. Combine that with the fact they definitely have access to outtakes from the SW shoot (Sporty T-Shirt design, Mel B's intro screen during the tour, the original photographer having everything), they could easily put together a new alternative version of the logo or something.
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  9. I wonder what the CD edition will look like this time? The book edition for Spice25 was quite nice on the whole if a bit overpriced.
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  10. I hope at some point the 25 celebrations result in the rerelease of One Hour of Girl Power, the full Istanbul show and the Earls Court gig all being available to us at some point. It's all things we've seen but having it available in HQ and not from VHS rips would be great. They could throw in a release of the Birmingham SW Tour gig audio for good measure!
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  11. Yes, please give us the goods ladies! Want Spiceworld 25 to out do Spice 25!
  12. People are really bidding £51 on a mug that will probably be widely available for £9.99 in a few weeks.

  13. Oh dear. Patience people, patience.
  14. Honestly some of the Spice Girls "collectors" do it for a sense of superiority. An ego boost to have something before the rest.
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  15. I wonder how it sold compared to the vinyls? They should do multiple CD formats - a cheaper one in a standard sized package and a deluxe similar to Spice25 with more content (poster, stickers, a third disc etc.) There wasn’t really an affordable option for casual fans that wasn’t a cassette
  16. I just want them to use the outtakes, I mean they have them...

  17. Mel B’s shots for the album are so iconic. She went there and gave us everything.
  18. There really is no excuse when the photographer was sharing them too.

    Some of the poses in the shots are quintessential Spice Girls - Geri with the peace sign, Vic pointing, Emma shhhing etc. With the right team, they could make such a nice release from them.
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  19. Is there a link to the outtakes? Or are they just floating between traders?
  20. Sometimes I truly feel Mel B is the most underrated and overlooked out of all the Girls.
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