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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. As far as I'm aware we only have them from videos like these that the photographer posted (1,2,3,4). He said he was going to release them as a book, but then stopped posting anything about the girls. Possibly Team Spice caught wind of it and asked him to stop.
  2. Thank you! The amount of money I would drop for a coffee table book for that shoot / album.
  3. I'm sure he was mostly trolling for followers ddd
  4. Since 25 anniversary began all the merchandisng in terms of design is really awful and amateurish. I'm not going to compare, but the 90s merchandising is far better and interesting than all Bravado design releases.

    For the first time, I'm really worry how Spiceworld 25 is going to look like in terms of quality and desing. For the moment everything is very...

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  5. I think the Spice25 designs were bad too! Apart from the wrong font and arbitrary photo selection, they were treated like another piece of merchandise rather than an important legacy music release (the magenta they used for a lot of the text was only found on their merchandise until the Holler single). Their album and single artwork always struck a good balance between their colourful image and 90s minimalism and I just didn't get that from the releases
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  6. Very sad news about one of Geri's dancers Dani who died suddenly on the morning of her wedding.

  7. oh my God, the day of her wedding?!?
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  8. The links are now dead
  9. What an absolute tragedy. My thoughts are with her loved ones. You really gotta make the most of each day. RIP Dani.
  10. She died in her sleep - was completely healthy apparently! Her fiance was one of the guys from Stereo Kicks from the X-Factor.
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  12. Hopefully Spiceworld 25 will do just as good as Spice 25-#3 for a reissue was very good going.
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  13. !!!

    That’s even worse! I’ve known a lot of people who have lost someone that way, almost all have said there are no warning signs. They just go to bed one night and don’t ever wake back up. Terrifying.
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  14. In the past 12 hours, Emma has spoken on Australian TV about how she hopes Australia will be 'the next stop' of the tour, and Mel C has been on BBC News speaking from Glastonbury about how the girls have talked about performing there and has a good feeling Victoria would join.

    I know they've been saying this for a while, but it's nice to hear it still seems like there are plans in some capacity for the future.
  15. A tour next year seems highly likely and Glastonbury too. Victoria would want to do Glasto as it's a one-off thing and will get a lot of attention for her and her brand.
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  16. I think she'd be more open to it in terms of her brand, but we shouldn't overlook the fact that she suffers very badly from stage fright and that's far more likely to inform her decision.
  17. It would be Amazing for them to check it off their list! I wonder why they never did Glasto on their first run. Or was the festival not as Poppy back then?

  18. Mel was just brought out as a guest to perform SUYL at Glastonbury!
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