Spice Girls

This looks much better than Spice 25, it feels like a more faithful update to the existing imagery but I'll reserve judgement for now. We're a couple of weeks off the 25th anniversary of Step To Me as well (at least the date the CDs started getting sent out) which would lend itself nicely to an anniversary streaming release but that's wishful thinking I'm sure.

Excited to find out what will be on the package as there's been hardly any leaks from the Spiceworld era, so hopefully the "unreleased" stuff will also be previously unheard. I wouldn't complain if the Themis Ethnic Latino Mix of Viva Forever got an official outing though.
I’m preparing for the worst so then if we get anything good, it’ll be a nice surprise.

Exactly as I do with men. Can we compare the Spice Girls with men?

Anyways, as a fan who has been listening to them consistently for 26 years now, I can feel the butterflies on my stomach every time something new is announced. So thanks girls! Get my money!
I always remember feeling surprised at the title of their 2nd album when it was announced- completely unexpected and slightly gimmicky, though when I heard all the diverse styles it totally fit.
I think I still prefer Spice overall but Spiceworld is still an excellent, excellent pop album with a lot more range. I struggle to decide on my favourite track with Spiceworld, whereas it’s always Say You’ll Be There off the debut.