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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I have no idea who they are but that was the funniest and cutest thing I’ve seen this morning.
  2. So cool!!! I think the odds of the girls being there next year are pretty high.
    Melanie was asked about it in an interview and she said the girls have discussed it and she has a good feeling about Victoria joining them.

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  3. There's a definite push on Spice at Glastonbury this year isn't there? I wonder if it's to gauge the reaction or build some hype for a legend slot in 2023? We've had the Melanie C DJ set, interviews in her Spice jacket, the Radio 2 performance and now this Spice Up Your Life guest spot.

    Who would've thought back in 2003-2007 that Melanie C would be the one all these years later who arguably flies the Spice Girls' flag most? It's so lovely to see her embrace being a Spice Girl and be so visibly proud of it.
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  4. All the signs are pointing to it. I mean yeah like somebody mentioned Victoria has bad stage fright etc, but Glasto is so huge I just feel she'd want to do it as badly as the others.
  5. Yeah, this all seems like groundwork.

    Of all the potential plans, Glasto does seem like the most obvious thing and really the only 'big' thing left for them to do.
  6. I think they all are very aware of which side of their bread is buttered but especially Melanie these days. Embracing the girls again means more fans will be interested in her solo career, meaning more bookings overall.
  7. There is obviously that, but I do also feel like she genuinely now understands the impact they made and how good their material really was.

    By the end of their ‘reign’, and due to a lot of misogyny, nothing about their work was respected, and I’m sure she started believing those voices at the time.
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  8. To add to the Spice Glastonbury conspiracy, Geri is there tonight watching Paul McCartney.

    Also, if anyone is going to BST in Hyde Park, the Hard Rock tent has Geri's Elvis costume from the Billboard awards on display inside.
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  9. If Victoria wants to perform at Glastonbury, but she doesn’t want to partake in other dates or tours, I’d be ok with that. As others have mentioned, having all five there and it being professionally recorded, we’d at least have some footage of all five girls one last time.
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  10. I have a very good and slightly spicey feeling about this working out for next year. I've never been to Glasto (or any festival) because mud, but I'd wade through it for the girls. Hold onto your knickers, girls!
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  11. Part of me think it'd be great especially as it'd be professionally filmed.

    Then part of me thinks there'll be a lot of judgement and criticism due to it not solely being their fanbase like a tour is.
  12. 100% agree.

    Also the drama to get tickets for this.
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  13. If she can overcome stage fright with such a large audience and go through all the rehearsals, it will make sense for her to just do a tour anyway?
  14. Reminding me of the drama of registratring for tickets on the 2007 tour haha
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  15. I get this, but I also think if they were to do the legendary slot then the universal love for them would be felt from here, there and everywhere. There’s been a clear shift in recent in pop bands getting the respect they needed, the nostalgia element being adored by all, and therefore being accepted (so to speak). Pop bands, like the Spice Girls, are no longer looked at in the same sense that would have been 10 years ago at Glastonbury.

    If you look at Kylie a few years ago, her entire slot was just filled with love and admiration from the crowd.

    The Spice Girls at Glastonbury would be a moment in musical history.
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  16. It’s a bit presumptuous to say that if she’s bothered with a Glastonbury set, which is slightly smaller than a full show, that she should just do a full tour as well. It’s entirely possible she’s had a change of heart. I’d argue that it’s entirely possible she hasn’t, but sees Glastonbury as a platform to cement their legacy on stage in front of a world audience without having to spend months on the road where she can contain her discomfort for one night. We just don’t know at this point. I do feel that Mel C wouldn’t be mentioning her at all if she had zero interest in joining them for whatever they have planned. Who knows at this point.
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  17. I agree, getting VB to also commit to a full tour time wise is way much more of an ask that say Glastonbury that would require two weeks or so of rehearsals.

    If they were to do Glasto, I also wouldn’t want them to have Dancers.
  18. The old farts will always moan about females getting a big platform over another white man with a guitar, but as we saw with Kylie (and the Sugababes this year) the pop gals bring in the audience and the Spice Girls will have the biggest, easily.
  19. Is there anybody with a bit of technical musical ability able to make a Time Goes By remix I have an idea for?

    I’ve always felt it’s a very sweet song which is weighed down by the slow tempo, and think it would sound much better slightly sped up, think Eternal - Angel of Mine tempo. Plus adding a few more twinkly flourishes and a more prominent beat.

    Anybody interested in giving it a whirl to satisfy my curiosity?
  20. 15 years ago today this happened.


    Such an exciting day and seems like soooooo long ago now.
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