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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. A moment in history was born. London x17

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  2. Colooooogne! Uhh!
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  3. This is still forever iconic
  4. If I ever need to laugh I just think of that video.
  5. I was 19 on my gap year when that happened, that morning I had gone for my contact lense fitting and got home that afternoon seeing crystal clear HD 2007 Spiceys reuniting before my two eyes. A moment most pleasing in my career.
  6. Does anyone remember the Headlines parody that was on YouTube back in the day? It was just the audio but I distinctly remember Mel C's section was about making money for Red Girl records, and Mel B's last line was 'Yeah we're showing them all, all the miracles money do'.
  7. How has it been 15 years already???!
  8. "By This Time"
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  12. Agree. I think Rylan knows how to awake the real Geri Halliwell spirit and looks she's enjoying it a lot.
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  13. Oh my god she did the ROTSG tour lift!!!!!!

  14. I'm not entirely sure this recap of the marketing last year is the serve they think it is.
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  15. Hmm. I know The Sun has been reliable in the past with all things Spice… but there’s a number of mistakes. Their tour wasn’t 2017 for example. Also doesn’t Mel C have a gig on September 17th?
  16. Also it's over a month after her birthday which seems a long time.
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  17. I never found the London x 17 joke funny. Of course they'll play the most dates in the UK, of course they'll be in London, of course when there's a brand new arena called The O2 with many dates available, of course they won't play even city they played back in 1998... etc etc
  18. Of course it made sense financially and logistically when the demand was so huge, but you don’t announce a WORLD tour holding flags and then… completely miss your dates in Asia, Africa, Australia and South America altogether.

    Their dynamics must have been a bloody nightmare.
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