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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. All I want is Step To Me, in all its versions, on streaming services. Everything else will be a plus.
  2. I'm not sure protecting yourself from disappointment and being miserable are quite the same but okay!
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  3. With all the talk over the years about going back on the road in 2023, if Spiceworld25 doesn't culminate in worldwide tour dates I will scream.
  4. My bet is Step To Me (Album Version) is going to be as bonus track in the CD1 simulating Japanese 1997 release and Step To Me (7" Mix / Pepsi Single Version) would be in a assumption CD 2 with extras and mixes. Even the Demo could be also there.

    That could be a logical release. But then I remember Spice 25 and then everything could happen.
  5. “Well, you see Harper, mummy was a pop star”!!11!!!!1111!
  6. A logical release (as the fans would understand it) would be a super treat. But let's be honest, what should we expect? I don't want to sound bitter at all but I'm expecting some remixes from the cd singles, some of the b-sides and not much more
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  7. GCZ


    Did they record a full group version of Can’t Stay Tonight? It would be neat to hear that if so
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  8. I wonder if it’ll come out in October like Spice25? They didn’t start teasing it until the end of August and the announcement was on September 1, but I think that was because of Wannabe25’s delay. I also wonder if we’ll be getting more brand tie-ins like the ones with Spotify and Peloton
  9. ...

    'Stop' (Full Version - Extra Brass)
    'Never Give Up On The Good Times' (Morales Remix) [Unreleased]
    'Move Over' (Playstation Mix)
    'Viva Forever' (Themis Ethnic Latino Ambient Mix)

    Also an earlier version of 'Move Over' (on an inhouse promo cd) exists that was over 4 minutes long.
    1. Walk of Life
    2. Step to Me
    3. Outta Space Girls
    4. …and possibly something secret/unheard out of the vaults.
    If they give us this 3 / 4, I will be more than happy. I also want a picture book of all the Spice World album photos during this campaign as they were pure fire!
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  10. Don't care about early demos of songs that made the album. Only interested in outtakes or unreleased remixes.
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  11. I know it will never happen but I would love for "Leader of the Gang" to be released.

    Realistically leaked so royalties aren't in play.
  12. The full live audio from Birmingham as a bonus CD would be great - we know it exists and was planned anyway!
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  13. My wallet is ready for Spiceworld25. It's my favourite album, and to think it was created in perhaps the most hectic times of their career with promo, movie shooting, and flying all over the world. I'd love a couple of unheard tracks if possible, and of course Step to Me properly released.
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  14. Me setting my expectations a little too high : "Leader of the Gang" (as heard on "Spiceworld : The Movie")
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  15. I’m dying for the audio from the live album that never materialised to get released but if they do release it, I could see it being a standalone. Maybe next year to bridge the gap between Spiceworld and Forever.
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  16. Some of us already have the live album mp3s from the promo CD-R

    There's also an extended version of Never Give Up On The Good Times with a longer instrumental break before the final chorus that someone discovered when the stems leaked in 2019. Someone pieced the instrumental with the vocals but I can't find it on YouTube right now

    I doubt we'll get this since Spice25 ignored all their dance mixes, but it'd be cool to finally have it on a commercial release

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  17. Basically
    even if it likely won't happen as I would assume the rights are tied with Channel 5.

    Full Istanbul would be nice too, but I suspect rights issues too for the missing tracks.

    Otherwise I'm looking forward to the remaster as I thought Spice's sounded lush. And the likely Dolby Atmos mix will be interesting too.
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  18. I just went new songs!
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