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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I doubt we’d get a Forever25 campaign, though. The album just didn’t have the same global impact as the others.
  2. MB


    Poor W.O.M.A.N
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  3. I think Forever 25 will not happen, when actually it would be maybe the more interesting era to explore from an official release point of view. How would they approach it? How would Geri fit in it?
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  4. Bundle it with Schizophonic
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  5. They should do Forever for completion reasons, but arguably in way less units and with less fanfare.

    They were all Virgin on their solo deals as well, no? (except Geri) I wonder if they'd exploit the solo catalogues as part of the 'brand'.
  6. I would love to see them follow this order for anniversary launches:

    Spiceworld Tour 1998 CD+DVD
    Spiceworld: The Movie Steelbook BluRay

    It would really welcome if finally they get finally rights for One Hour Of Girl Power!, Earls Court and Istanbul (full set) concerts to be launched commercially.
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  7. I think something is going to happen very soon

  8. I feel that by the end of the week, we will have an announcement. What with their store going down and the Spice World logo/video being shown across social media platforms, I don’t believe we will have as long as the Spice25 era announcement!
  9. The shop is back up but no changes yet.
  10. They should release the 'Viva Forever' fairies. I need Ginger.
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  11. Content aside, I wonder what formats we'll get this time? The tapes didn't seem to sell well last time so I wonder if they'll skip those for Spiceworld 25. I'd assume we'll still get individual vinyls but I'd love individual CDs too. Spice 25 missed an accessible format for the casuals as well so I'd welcome a "standard" format.
  12. As long as there’s a boxset like the one of Spice 25 (same size please) I will be happy.
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  13. I'm surprised they haven't gone all out with merch so far. They could easily recreate some of the iconic collectible items from the 90s. I'm not saying Polaroid would necessarily be up for a new collab, but bringing back at least the dolls seems like a no brainer
  14. How great and different would be if they gave us a CD2 replicating the original tracklisting BUT with a live performance of each of the tracks? Picking each from different shows and editing them together to sound like a real unique recording.

    That would be great.
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  15. SBK


    This soft launch is kinda weird. Like, you'd kinda expect everything to come at once, but it's a bit like the website updated too quickly, or the store wasn't ready in time.

    They've kinda lost the element of surprise now, that would normally bring impulse buys with it.
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  16. I really like the updated logo - much nicer than what they ended up with for Spice! Looking forward to seeing the tracklisting and what formats there'll be (hoping for a book/boxset to match Spice 25).
  17. I really hope the Spiceworld25 era brings us the full Istanbul show. It would be cool if on top of a DVD/streaming release it was also broadcast on TV for the first time in 25 years.
  18. In an ideal world, disc one would be the 11 track Japanese version plus the three b-sides with a couple of unreleased tracks and throw in demos for Spice Up Your Life, Never Give Up On The Good Times and Viva Forever.

    Disc two would be remixes - both old and newly commissioned, the unreleased Morales mix of Never Give Up On The Good Times, a proper orchestral version for Viva Forever.
  19. I can still see this being a whole lot of nothing like last year. Very little things actually "new".
    But I would still love a blu ray of SpiceWorld the movie packed with lots of extras!
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  20. Probably safe to assume Walk of Life, Outer Space Girls and a version of Step To Me will be included, and I wouldn't be surprised if C U Next Tuesday ends up being part of this release - although it was vetoed for Spice 25, Melanie C's comments over the past year make it seem like there's still some hope for it.

    Otherwise, I'd like to see Never Give Up On The Good Times (Morales Remix), the military cadence/sound off from Spiceworld: The Movie - because it's iconic and has never been released outside the film itself (and seems like the most obvious pick if they do want to highlight the film in some way with this release) - and, as much as we groaned about it being performed again on Return of the Spice Girls and Spice World 2019, a studio version of their We Are Family cover from 1998 (if one exists) would be nice too.
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