Spice Girls

I feel like we'll probably get a zeotrope picture disc again with the Spiceworld logo that spins around or something. I hope that if they do individual covers again that they put them on CD too. It still makes no sense to pass on CD for Wannabe25 when they're probably the cheapest and easiest format to manufacture. It was also the primary format for SG releases so CDs should be a no brainer.
I'd love for all the alternate individual artworks to come with a white background for the sake of consistency but clearly we'll end up with something hideous and have to deal.
Whoever runs the @spicegirlsrewind instagram should be in charge of their socials. They have created some fantastic Instagram Story advertisements for the re-releases of Forever, Spice and now Spiceworld.
I follow a few fan pages, and this one is by far my favourite. I love the visuals and can't imagine how much time and effort goes into planning and arranging everything - especially on their grid as it is usually in a collage format overlapping with previous content.
Someone on Spice Circle asked Christophe Gstalder (Spiceworld photoshoot photographer) about his proposed coffee table book and he said it was still coming but he didn't want to interfere with their 25th anniversary celebrations. I hope that awareness is some sort of indication that he's been involved and provided decent quality photos for the individual vinyls/outtakes for the campaign. The upscaled CD artwork scans for the Spice vinyls looked pitiful up close.

Where is this bloody announcement?!