Spice Girls


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I... was actually the one defending you but werq I guess.

Well, I would have liked you to use other arguments because you don't need to be of any nationality to have more or less information. In that case, just as you didn't understand my information (or even I wasn't clear at all), maybe I didn't understand your reaction. I appreacited your clarification.

I would like you to send you a copy of the song and a poster of Sabrina as a thank you for try to defend me and to forget this misunderstanding.
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@FoxMint I wasn’t even saying anything against you when I was just commenting on the reality of the situation with the song and as a non-UK fan I have noticed the stark difference in the desire for the song. I don’t know why I was quoted with the people talking down to you?

ANYWAYS, I can totally see Spice Fairies Funko Pops to accompany #SpiceWorld25.
Now would be a great time for an official Spiceworld25 announcement.
Such a weird strategy. Why bother soft announcing it without anywhere to direct us to.
Yes please, maybe, hopefully later today.
Doubt it now. Normally press releases would get sent out early in the day to ensure they got articles on blogs and press that day. They wouldn't get the impact they'd like on a Friday afternoon on a hot summer's weekend like this.
They could've had a viral comedic moment if they connected it with the Nasa images.
Ha! Now that you point it out I think that's exactly why they unveiled the new logo on Tuesday, except they did absolutely nothing to make that connection clear.

Last year's announcement came at the end of August so I will see you all in six weeks ddd
The Spiceworld25 teaser would’ve been way more effective if they didn’t go back to posting random throwbacks the intern found on Google Images right after. Their social media often feels like it’s run by an algorithm

Spice25 was announced on a Wednesday and I think we got the Say You’ll Be There grat track on the same day, so I’m expecting another midweek announcement in the next few weeks
I feel like we'll probably get a zeotrope picture disc again with the Spiceworld logo that spins around or something. I hope that if they do individual covers again that they put them on CD too. It still makes no sense to pass on CD for Wannabe25 when they're probably the cheapest and easiest format to manufacture. It was also the primary format for SG releases so CDs should be a no brainer.