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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Playing Spice 25 as we await news hopefully not too far away now of Spiceworld25. The sooner the better and the more options the merrier pretty please girls.
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  2. I would pay so much money to have these honestly.
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  3. Yes, the Viva Forever fairies, feel like an no brainier release. Not to mention an end of an era moment for Spiceworld and the Girls themselves.
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  4. What I'd like to see, but highly doubt even 15% of these will appear...

  5. Hope we get the announcement soon-tomorrow perhaps?
  6. Where does this come from? I've never heard of this before.
  7. The version on that in-house CD-R is labelled as "extended", the same one has the longer version of 'Move Over'.

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  8. Is there any intel on another tour planned or have they "done" that now?
  9. And the extended version of Never Give Up On The Good Times too. Interesting!
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  10. I've been thinking about tomorrow morning by 10 maybe? It'd make sense of they want to go with the hype.
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  11. Nothing concrete but I'd be shocked if something doesn't happen next year.

    Yeah, the instrumental that leaked is the same version but fades out.
  12. Mel B said on Channel 4 some months ago the tour is planned for 2023 if everything is ok at that point (talking about COVID situation)
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  13. I did recreate the full song using that instrumental but I'd still love a full release of it.
  14. Was there ever a Finnish version of Viva Forever. Or was that speculation?
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  15. 'Leader Of The Gang' (as some fans decided to call it) is a cover of Gary Glitter's Leader of the Gang (I Am). In fact, he was going to be as a cameo in Spiceworld: The Movie on the 'Italy trip' scene.

    They recorded the song for the first time during the Spice sessions and it was named as 'Do You Wanna Be In My Gang?' and was re-recorded for the movie, so we can considered it as Spiceworld sessions songs too. There are probaly 2 recordings: one with 1996 vocals and the 1997 recreation. Something similar as happened with Step To Me, a song from Spice sessions re-recorded in 1997 for the Pepsi campaign.

    Maybe they rescued it as an extra in Spiceworld 25 by being part of those sessions and even the movie, who knows. Fans requested it a lot with other movie songs.
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  16. I would highly doubt they'd consider releasing a Gary Glitter cover in 2022.
  17. They consider the b-sides as unreleased songs, so honestly I don't expect they consider nothing. But yes, I highly doubt they'd considered this cover as part of the extras, but who knows... They used to sing the song quite a lot partying during 1996-1997, maybe they find something special /nostalgic on it. Even they re-recorded the song in 1997...

    I'm only saying is part of the Spiceworld sessions songs.
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  18. Yes but GG came out as a p*do later.
  19. i quite liked the alternative title for Denying.
  20. There is a Finnish version registered - Elakoon Ikuisesti - but unsure if it's something the girls recorded themselves, or if it's a cover by a Finnish artist (it's unreleased either way).
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