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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. SBK


    Do you know who Gary Glitter is?

    They won't be releasing it, ever.
  2. Us ever getting a clean and full version of “Leader of the Gang” died in ‘97. Anyone who wants it (I.e. non-UK fans) will just have to hope the full version just happens to leak online.
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  3. Why would people want to hear them covering a paedophile? Let’s move on.
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  4. Yes, that would make sense and hopefully so.
  5. I suspect @FoxMint isn't British and thinks people just hate on the track because it's a cover / rock.
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  6. Yes, I know who's GG and the history behind him. Thank you to you all for the concern and specially
    @Vasilios who after two comments is still concerned to explain it to me and the importance of my country of origin, which is not relevant. Calm down.

    I never said they will release it, I just shared the history behind a song they recorded it during Spiceworld session and included it in the final cut of the movie. It's obvious is not going to be on Spiceworld 25. I didn't shared my opinion at any time about the song, GG or any other topic, only facts and info about that song.

    Let's move on.
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  7. If you know who he is then there was no reason for… all of this. Your post made it seem like you thought the song should be a part or the reissue.
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  8. I know what I said, but I can't control what you may have thought or understand.

    I guess you also know what I've been sharing here since about a year and all along about what material I think will actually in Spiceworld 25 and what not, because in none of my posts I have included this song or others knowing it exists. If you know this, your reaction and toughts are not understable.

    I suppose it's easier you appear here to take advantage of a situation trying to be sarcastic with my country of origin as argument to expose me as stupid and get some likes, and some people seems to agree to such behaviour. Interestingly I recognize 3 of them always seems to discredit my opinion in every comment I make. I don't know who has a problem here with thoughts and opinions, I can't control also that

    The first two paragraphs are information. The third one is a conditional, not an affirmation. That song is in the final cut of the film. That's not my opinion, it's a fact. Fans (not me) have been requested it in the community and the fanbases over the years. They're not interested in GG or his history, only about the song. Probably can be also in SW25 too? Yes, is also a song from that session. Is going to be? No, for obvious reasons.

    Do you still have doubts about my opinion on the matter?
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  9. I... was actually the one defending you but werq I guess.
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  10. Well, I would have liked you to use other arguments because you don't need to be of any nationality to have more or less information. In that case, just as you didn't understand my information (or even I wasn't clear at all), maybe I didn't understand your reaction. I appreacited your clarification.

    I would like you to send you a copy of the song and a poster of Sabrina as a thank you for try to defend me and to forget this misunderstanding.
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  11. Now would be a great time for an official Spiceworld25 announcement.
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  12. Yes please, maybe, hopefully later today.
  13. @FoxMint I wasn’t even saying anything against you when I was just commenting on the reality of the situation with the song and as a non-UK fan I have noticed the stark difference in the desire for the song. I don’t know why I was quoted with the people talking down to you?

    ANYWAYS, I can totally see Spice Fairies Funko Pops to accompany #SpiceWorld25.
  14. SBK


    Such a weird strategy. Why bother soft announcing it without anywhere to direct us to.
    Doubt it now. Normally press releases would get sent out early in the day to ensure they got articles on blogs and press that day. They wouldn't get the impact they'd like on a Friday afternoon on a hot summer's weekend like this.
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  15. The interns are definitely failing their coursework this week. Why have the mic-drop logo announcement on Tuesday to then follow it up with nothing? Surely we must be getting it soon?!
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  16. You launch a new era with a logo, it garners press from all music media outlets and on socials etc and then nothing?

    They could've had a viral comedic moment if they connected it with the Nasa images.
  17. Always count on A Functioning Gay!

  18. Ha! Now that you point it out I think that's exactly why they unveiled the new logo on Tuesday, except they did absolutely nothing to make that connection clear.

    Last year's announcement came at the end of August so I will see you all in six weeks ddd
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  19. The Spiceworld25 teaser would’ve been way more effective if they didn’t go back to posting random throwbacks the intern found on Google Images right after. Their social media often feels like it’s run by an algorithm

    Spice25 was announced on a Wednesday and I think we got the Say You’ll Be There grat track on the same day, so I’m expecting another midweek announcement in the next few weeks
  20. Yes, be silly to tease it and then leave it with weeks to go after.
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