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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. The 25th anniversary of Step To Me is next week. Would be nice to have that on streaming finally.
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  2. Be perfect way to start the 25th anniversary celebrations too.
  3. I have to laugh when I see the idiots I went to school with fall for Facebook nonsense about the girls going on tour. Like Facebook would be the first place that news breaks. It's literally an entire horde of them planning a trip....

  4. Currently watching this ICONIC show. The opening of If U Can't Dance, gets me bopping each and every time! Had better be included as part of the forthcoming celebrations! I know much of the material from it is via Spice, but I always more associate it with Spiceworld somehow.
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  5. GCZ


    If U Can’t Dance in Istanbul is one of their most iconic performances, in my opinion. They truly gave it their all and put on a hell of a concert.
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  6. Dare I say it, it was the girls at their all time high/peak this concert too.
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  8. I just cannot fathom how someone such as she could have stage fright. She's still got it. It is such a shame. She could be awful on stage and people would still love and adore her regardless, I feel. But let's be honest, she wouldn't be anywhere near awful; she would slay like the ruthless queen she is.
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  9. Victoria is the very definition of the word class. Only 2nd to Geri to me when it comes to picking my favourite of the girls.
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  10. Nice to see her warming up for Glasto!
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  11. What do you think their third album would have sounded like had Geri stayed? Would they have still gone in an R&B direction? Would they have been just as successful as their first two eras or were they bound to head downwards after being on top?
  12. I’m aware how convoluted and fake this story sounds … and yet !

    My pal had her fish tank cleaned by a professional fish tank cleaner the other day … who was bragging that he’d been at Mel B’s earlier in the week … and let’s just say those Glastonbury rumours …
    start saving girlies! Obviously take with a mountain of salt and could be absolutely fake news but thought it was fun to share.
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  13. your profile says you’re in the USA and Mel B has been in Australia for the last month or so doing The Masked Singer?
  14. I’m not in the USA lol. And I don’t know when the tank was cleaned could have been a month ago! I mean take it with a heap of salt it could be a crock of shit but that’s what I’ve heard.
  15. I mean, would Mel B’s professional fish tank cleaner lie??
  16. I am aware at how ridiculous it sounds! But just thought it would be fun to share, am definitely not saying they are definitely 100% headlining!!!!!
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  17. I think it’s definitely happening, but I reckon it’ll be 2024. I actually bumped into Mel C watching Holly Humberstone on the Saturday of Glastonbury this year and I remember saying they need to do legends next year and her response was just “I’m working on it, I’m working on it” so make of that what you will.

    (She was also lovely, and was wearing a tracksuit like the sporty icon she is!)
  18. To be fair, Mel B is the kind of person to tell her fish tank cleaner, hairdresser, dog-sitter, and the cashier at Tesco embargoed information.
  19. There seems to be real momentum behind [email protected], more so this year than any other year before.
  20. Fingers crossed one day it will happen.
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