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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Melanie C via OK! Magazine:

    "Obviously, we've got the anniversary of the song and film, so let's just say we've been in talks with Universal, the label that produced our first film... you'll need to stay tuned to hear more."
    "I don't want to get into trouble for spilling the beans on a big secret. But there will be big celebrations in the coming months, I can tell you that."


    Sounds like there'll definitely be some movie tie-ins with the Spiceworld 25 celebrations.
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  2. In before these "big celebrations" turn out to be one of those fan-involving social media content creating contests dddd
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  3. I would so love to see Spiceworld on the big screen! Blu-ray to follow too please.
  4. "Send a picture of you with your Spiceworld VHS! Which Spice Girl's tin did you buy?"
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  5. I’d love some official anniversary cinema showings, I’ve still not seen it on the big screen!

    Also if they reissued the sticker collection because I’m still missing the shiny Geri #69 nn
  6. A secret cinema style would be great for Spice World.
  7. Was this Posh singing Stop her way of trying to finally get Stop to the Top!
  8. 'First' film seems like a weird thing to say...?

    Actually, what ever happened to that animation (sounded like a shit idea anyway but...)
  9. I love how Posh is still miming, even at 'Karaoke'.
  10. Except she didn't mime during the Spice Girls, she was as live as any of them. I hate the 'my mic was off' thing she did to downplay her time in the group.
  11. Sorry, it was meant as a bit of a joke. Yes she had to sing live in the Spice Girls but her solo career was heavily mimed (cracking album as it was!).
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  12. First time I heard this remix and I did not expect it to sound like a bizarro world version of the original.
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  13. That has to be a mislabel. Junior's remix is very tribal/circuit sounding with live drums, etc.
  14. It does have the same length as the track on these promos and it’s not completely out of the norm to have a remixer do different takes. Plus it doesn’t mention “remix” like the long/edit versions of the remix you’ve mentioned.

    I think it’s only ever been on US promos so I wonder if it wasn’t meant as some sort of single mix in case the USA didn’t take to the original.
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  15. It's real, Geri talked about how Ashley Newton (their A&R at Virgin Records America) kept "tinkering" with the song because he didn't like it or think it'd be a hit, so he sent it to a few different producers to remix it. This is also how the Dave Way Alternative Mix happened
  16. I remember thinking I received a fake promo from eBay when I played this mix. I’m curious how many mixes were completed.
  17. Please bless us with an extended cut. I'll also settle for the full Leader of the Gang performance as a special feature
  18. There's so much they can do around the movie. I don't think it's ever been on streaming in the UK, or certainly hasn't in the last few years? I'd love an expanded edition with deleted scenes though I can't imagine they have huge amounts in the can given how quickly it was put together. Individual steelbook blu-rays would be good though I'm not sure of the market for that nowadays even as a group item, far less individual?
  19. If fans can't wait to buy individual covers for the album, why not individual covers for the movie ? Steelbook would be very nice !
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  20. The only deleted scene I can think of is the one in the castle that got cut because it was the first scene they did and they were all still finding their feet with acting.
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