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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I always remember it because it was in the version I saw at the cinema and I know it was because I wanted to buy a Pepsi literally because I saw them drink it! *hides in shame*

    There is also another scene in the hospital that had Simon Shephard playing a doctor.
  2. I'd be fascinated by the cut Princess Diana reference. Enough time has passed now since her death to allow it to be shown I think.
  3. There’s the Mel B scene with the horns at the press luncheon that’s in the trailer.
  4. And "I need a fan" too!
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  5. Mel B has announced another official Spice documentary from the same people who made 'The Last Dance', the Michael Jordan documentary that won an Emmy. She mentions it at 3:25.
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  6. The number of times I have sworn off this thread… another documentary?

    All Spice Girls after 2005 know is greatest hits tour, “rerelease” music, reality TV, and documentary.
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  7. The best Spice.
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  9. Another documentary on a platform as big as Netflix is a great way to tell their story. Most of the general public don't even know the 2007 doc exists.
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  10. Ashley Newton is also the one who convinced the girls to scrap the Forever pop songs. He was wrong about Wannabe not being a hit. Was he also wrong about throwing the Forever pop tracks in the garbage?
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  11. Yeah a big documentary for a global audience is very exciting. All these little pieces will inevitably lead to a tour (don't want to jinx it though).
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  12. and the tour will be filmed for the same streaming service.
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  13. Yes, for A Day In Your Life and Pain Proof.
  14. Give us special Blu-ray editions with these tins again please too:
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  15. Screaming, does someone on their team lurk on here?!

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  16. Playing Forever. Always feel that had it not followed that incredibly strong double whammy of Spice and then Spiceworld, it would be a bit better received overall. It would never of course compete with those two classic albums, but it IS very strong in it's own right and only loses it's towards the end-If You Wanna Have Some Fun (a Spice Girls anthem and then some that) aside.
  17. Given how utterly flawless the first two albums were, has there ever been any public comments from any of the girls stating if there was any singles they wish they hadn’t released and/or tracks they wish had been given the single treatment?

    Given the power that each track had, any could’ve been released and smashed.
  18. As far as am aware, there hasn't been. Would be interesting to know though, that singles run from Wannabe to Viva Forever, was just flawless.
  19. I would love a deleted scenes moment for the movie but all I’m expecting is a blu ray/streaming of Spice World, and an individual cover vinyl of the album with maybe Step to Me on streaming. If I can get a Spice World era Ginger Spice vinyl ill honestly be happy.
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