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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I know this is a serious matter and I'm glad it's being discussed by the way I HOWLED at the NME headline - Spice Girls fans criticise Geri for hugging Nadine Dorries at Euro final: “She really slammed it to the left”
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  2. Well now a photo with Liz Truss has emerged as well, so I really don't think there's any denying it. If there's anything we know about Ms Halliwell though, there is no way she will confirm her political stance publicly either way, despite how obvious it is.

    I know the situation as a whole isn't funny at all but I did cackle a bit when I realised she appointed a new PR company last week... their first Monday working for her must be stressful nn
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  4. Are we surprised? During 2019 promo she downplayed "Girl Power" and championed "People Power".
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  5. The fact that people are ready to cancel her just because she has been photographed with two female MPs is so strange to me. Even if she does vote Tory what right do people have to react like that? Having no tolerance for an opposing political viewpoint is ridiculous.
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  6. Nah bruv
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  8. Not people who only have 6 posts in 5 years on this site coming out of the woodwork to beg us to have mercy on the Tories.
  9. I was so hopeful Horner had turned her back on the evil Thatcher ideologies especially after she campaigned for Tony Blair and did a lot of charity work with his wife for a number of years.


    Alas, this image rings true for me today, this country is in too much of a state to excuse people who continue to endorse these vile right wing cretins. It's fucking far more dangerous than certain members on here complaining about cancel culture and excusing their voting behaviour.

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  10. Your argument is compelling
  11. I’m certainly not begging you to do anything - frankly I couldn’t care less whether you think I’m entitled to post anything. I was offering my point of view but if you want to exist in your own echo chamber feel free to block me and have a wonderful evening!
  12. I have always been of the boat that you can like someone personally and not agree with them politically.... But that is just me.

    Could ring true for fans and Geri, or Geri and these politicians.
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    well i'd kinda agree if we were just talking about economic issues but the tories are out to destroy the rights of LGBTQ+ people. we're dispensable to them. unimportant.
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  14. At this point you either stand against the tories or you stand on the side of the oppressor. There is much nuance in life, but not here. More than ever, the tories are very transparent where they stand on many issues like queer, disabled, BIPOC etc. rights- ignorance is not a valid excuse. Geri has power and is using that power to minimise the harm tories are doing to people with little or no power. Enough is enough- Geri doesn't get to call herself an Ally whilst cuddling up to our oppressors.
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  15. You cannot separate social and economic issues. One feeds the other every single time. When you disenfranchise people economically (prevent them from entering the workplace, allow discrimination in the workplace, allow pay disparity between genders and so on) you also disenfranchise them socially. That is why her views are unacceptable. Given her very humble beginnings, it's stunning that she would feel that she has more in common with the Etonians and their generational wealth than the rest of us but I guess money corrupts.
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  16. I know we all knew she was a Tory but yikes. My heart sank when I saw those photos.
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  17. Geri is a social climber and is only interested in herself, her wealth and her status. I adored her at a pivitol time in my life and her first album set me free in many ways. Money and power has ruined her and I no longer recognise her from those early days (although maybe this has always been her). She has built her wealth from queer people. Shame on her for not honouring that and siding with people that would gladly see us disappear. Also, shame on the other Spice Girls for staying silent.
  18. Not when the political policies that person supports directly impacts on vulnerable people and minorities in an extremely negative way. It’s not the same as disliking someone because they like a different football team to you. Liking someone who supports appalling policies that discriminate and heap misery on millions of people, is not something I could ever do. I wouldn’t ever befriend or “like” a Tory or a fascist.
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  19. That part. I need rights, not friends. Especially friends who would strip what rights I do have (and eventually their own dd) away because their local Tory MP is also gay.
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  20. Exactly this!
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