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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Also this
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  2. Just stop.
  3. When a ‘political viewpoint’ directly, systemically and profoundly affects people’s lives, there is zero room for tolerance. I honestly can’t believe we have to explain this on this forum.
  4. If you can be friends with someone, no matter their political opinions, it is not a sign that you are more open-minded or forgiving, it is a sign that you are priviliged.

    People who support tory ideology, do not support trans people. As a trans woman, why and how could I ever be friends with someone who hates people like me?
  5. Thank you! This is the the argument I have had daily trying to change the curriculum and enjoy it is as diverse, inclusive and ensures inclusivity for all.

    Yes, it is hard to accept that you cannot have it both ways, no matter what it may be attached too. But if somebody is willing to support intolerance, homophobia, transphobia or any other then you have to question their moral compass.

    They may not be bad people, possibly misinformed, but for the likes of those on a platform that is celebrated so widely, one must not so freely pose for a photo ‘just because’.

    Many idols I have celebrated the years have surprised me. Do I still love them, yes, for the memories they evoke from childhood is priceless but the memories of now is different and I sort are those for what they are, but I won’t tolerate intolerance under any guise.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The way she looks at her with complete adoration.......I hate it here.
  7. I dont disagree with this at all, but Geri is certainly a person of priviledge. Its a bit backwards, clearly, but she can be both friends with someone of that ilk and still strive and work for equality and rights for other groups.

    While I'm not excusing the behavior and actions of any of these politicians (nor am I fully up to date with their actions as I am not British), I see both sides. As someone whose family here in the states is pretty evenly divided between liberals amd conservatives, I have a good standing relationship with all of them despite so vehemently disagreeing with the right sides political views.

    In fact, I am always trying to educate them and broaden their viewpoint instead of just outright ditching them. Last year, I got them all to attend our local pride parade. One baby step at a time, haha.
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  8. The direct correlation between her becoming Tory-er and turning into a timid, wooden performer. Sad.
  9. Geri has always been this way, it's not something she just leaned into in the last decade.
  10. But where in being photographed with two Tory MPs do people even have confirmation of how Geri votes? Why has that now become an established fact? I just think that whole rhetoric is really dangerous and divisive. I really do get that people can have strong derision to a party and their policy and the policy makers themselves - but to cancel everyone by association is just so toxic. Geri was also in a Labour Party broadcast in the early 00s but does that make her tolerant of the anti semitic behaviour of a small faction of that party? Not in my opinion.

    Also I don’t recall an outcry when it was David Beckham with Boris…but its easier to vilify a woman isn’t it.

  11. See, I don't think you can. Unless that 'work for equality' is purely PR. I don't think you can be friends with someone who hates the people you are 'fighting passionately for'. It just doesn't make sense. Geri's career was very much built on her being a queer icon. She is hugging two people who despise LGBTQ+ people and are working to rip us of our rights. She can't be a tory supporter and a queer ally.
  12. True enough. I guess it just depends on her as a person and how steady she is in her morals. I always envisioned her as trying to have this certain lifestyle image as the fit and proper / holier than thou type but still wanting to fight for the underdog.
  13. Oh I didn't know David Beckham was a queer icon who built his career on pink coins (for want of a better expression). He's a moron. Geri should know better.
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  14. How is calling out someone (who has made their money mostly from queer people), who is cuddling up to tory mp's (who know and quite frankly don't care that queer people are dying from their policies) dangerous exactly?
  15. David looking uncomfortable beside Boris compared to Geri throwing her arms around and smiling with Nadine and Liz... Bit different hun.
  16. Stop right now. Thank you very much.

    This is a thread about the spice girls and we are…shock discussing a Spice Girl. David Beckham has never been a part of the band and us currently discussing Geri doesn’t erase anyone else of whatever heinous actions they’ve also done. This is also a thread where people, including women and non-binary people, are discussing the very recent photos of Geri. There is no vilification or cancellation…it’s called consequence of action.
  17. He's in a picture smiling with the leader of the Tory party, it's not really different.
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  18. So denial is much harder with that second picture. I would need Geri to literally come out and say she was just taking pictures with people who asked without supporting their politics to even consider overlooking it. I don't think she's always been a Tory, but then I also assumed the best when she made those girl power comments about Margaret Thatcher. I always just thought the point is that it was good to have a female in a position of power rather than Margaret specifically but maybe I was wrong about that. The idea of her supporting the Conservative party in any way hurts me more than I can say.
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  19. Who cares about David bloody Beckham?
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  20. Fucking hell Geri, I haven't been defending the white wardrobe for 6 years just to get this bollocks!
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