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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I guess when Geri pulls out of the next tour and it’s cancelled because of this backlash everyone will be happy ?
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  2. I’m reading everything and it makes me sad. I can understand how people feel and those feelings are valid. But we can wait and see what will happen next. Someone will say those are just pictures with fans and she did it because they wanted to take a picture on a hyped event. Still, it doesn’t excuse her for taking pictures with two that bad people.

    Sadly we all saw her transformation from Ginger/Solo Geri Spice to more “demure” Spice and now Conservative Spice.

    I am such a Spice Girls stan and it hurts me reading all of this. But truly hurts.
  3. “Whataboutism” at its finest.
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  4. SBK


    I will not be happy until she ditches the white wardrobe for a nice socialist red.

    And as if she'd turn down millions of pounds when her mates in government are keeping her high earner tax rates low!
  5. I adore her, but honestly if she truly supports what these vile humans stand for then how can she stand on a stage and be part of something that is about inclusivity of ALL sexualities, race, gender etc.
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  6. Same. That is why I am personally giving her the benefit of the doubt and suggesting maybe she just likes these people, or associates with them, as individuals and not because of their politics.

    Regardless, I feel awful for all of those who feel betrayed, hurt or let down by these pictures. I can't even imagine.
  7. I had to laugh.
  8. I wonder when Emma will be announcing her Christmas shows that she told the fan about at Mighty Hoopla? In 2019 it was in September, but I wonder if that will clash with Spiceworld 25 details (or maybe she's planning on riding of the coattails of that announcement!). I imagine, if they use the same timescales as last time, and their love of Wednesday announcements, Spiceworld 25 could be announced on the 31st August, so not long now! If they want a longer pre-order window, I guess it could be sooner?
  9. I think the Spice 25 announcement was postponed last year so they could post it after the Wannabe 25 physicals had been shipped? They were delayed from July 9 to the end of August. I'm expecting an announcement in the next 2 weeks or it'd be more than a month since they posted the Spiceworld 25 teaser.

    Emma announced her 2019 Christmas show in early September and I think sales were sluggish, so it'd make sense for her to put tickets on sale sooner for this tour
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  10. Do you know why Geri is wearing only white? Aside from the fact that maybe she likes it but really, the last time she wore some color was at the Spice World tour.
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  11. Do I want to know who this is?

  12. Geri's always been quite heavy handed with symbolism and metaphors. I assume her wearing white represents something like innocence or being virginal or something.
  13. I love the Spice Girls but you know standing for equality for everyone is more important than anything else.

    If you think Spiceworld is more important than that then you need to have a good look in the mirror.
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  14. He is a Tory MP but very much on the left of the party, on the board of the Tory Reform Group which pushes for equality, diversity and civil liberties.

    Regardless of politics Nadine Dorries just seems a pretty dreadful person full stop.
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  15. But by the logic of this forum this photo means Mel C is now a confirmed Tory voter I’m afraid. Despite previous comments where she has vehemently opposed this. Cancel her immediately.

    Maybe just maybe there is a bit of nuance in the real world!
  16. Wait.......... I've just realised she wears only white now in any occasion. That's camp.
  17. I would call it other words.
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  18. She has addressed it:

    "Everything becomes really simple. It's like wearing a school uniform as an adult. It matches with everything and I literally don't have to think in the mornings. It kind of looks like you've made an effort when you haven't."
  19. Can’t we just boot all the Tory sympathisers off this forum please. Or at least make them wear a sign so we know who to add to our block list.
  20. Thank you, I didn’t know she talked about it. It makes sense I guess..
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