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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. All I can hope is the reaction has made her re-evaluate things, if she does indeed support them.

    Also Bluebell is at a pivotal age right now when she'll see how things are politically, especially as she'll be able to vote when the next election comes around.
  2. This thread...
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  3. Just noticed that Stop has topped 50 million views on youtube. Their 5th single to do so.

    Go Stop what a video and song, so freaking flawless.


  4. Still obsessed with this song. It's so languid. Victoria and Geri are great on it.
  5. Stop, the bop that keeps on giving.
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  6. Seeing how well Little Mix and Westlife live shows was done it's a shame this wasn't put in place for SpiceWorld, I would imagine even cinema showings would of been packed could even have created an event with showings of SpiceWorld - Well hopefully it isn't the end and they will tour again one day
  7. I think they held back because Spice Girls could actually do a proper EU / US / AU tour at some point.

  8. Step to Me to streaming must surely be coming.
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  9. I feel like I’m on edge now for every Wednesday (their announcement day of choice) - especially because this week is 4 weeks since the teaser post.
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  10. Hopefully and long overdue. After that teaser of Spiceworld25 weeks ago and then, nothing, I just things pick up now.
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  11. Given the teaser, I can see Step To Me being the instant-grat track for Spiceworld 25. They also have the demo and the Spiceworld Japanese version to play with as well.

    I love Step To Me. I've overplayed most of the catalogue but as Step To Me isn't on streaming I don't often revisit it, so it always feels fresh.

  12. 5:07 Our third album is out there in the shops, there are lots of copies in the shops, there's lots left.

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  13. GCZ


    I hope it’s the single mix of Step to Me that makes it to streaming but I bet we will get the Spiceworld version
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  14. It'd be nice if the full CD single got added. The rest of the Spice singles are on there, so why not add one more.
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  15. I take whatever mix of Step To Me that gets added. Just be nice to have it on streaming at last.
  16. A little bit off topic but it can be entertaining while we get the SW25 thing:

    I was digging into Apple Music trying to find Spice Girls songs covered by other artists and I found what I think it's the most different one. Has anyone listened to this before? What are your favourite covers available on streaming services?
  17. This just popped up on my Facebook from ten years ago. Such a buzz.
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  18. She really was unbearable around this era.
  19. The despise I have for groups who keep playing coy and saying they're not splitting up only to go on hiatus for God knows how long.
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