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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Today marks 10 years since the biggest performance of their careers, and the last time the girls performed as a five-piece. Truly iconic!
  2. Their Olympics performance, was a real moment in music history.
  3. Melanie C's post caption seems optimistic about the band's future:

  4. That was amazing even If it would have been better for them to have more time and Include Who do you think you are in it...
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  5. Yes I always wish it had been longer. When I saw how long some others acts had (or seemed to have) I was disappointed. However it was just so short and spectacular that now I think it was perfect.
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  6. I think the length was good.

    It was such a rush, in a way like the Wannabe video. They came, caused chaos and left everyone wanting more.
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  7. I vividly remember waiting from the very beginning, no idea when they were on, and pretty much hyperventilating when all became clear. What a moment.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I was reading through this old Top Of The Pops book I had and this picture was in it that I love and wanted to share - (I love Victoria's expression) - I think they'd just performed Wannabe?

  9. Released 23 years ago today.

    I love this song so much the perfect Latin summer pop bop, I think it's aged beautifully aswell.

    If they ever do solos on tour again Geri needs to bring back this for sure.
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  10. I didn't realize/remember that it was released quite late into Summer. Either way, a perfect song.
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  11. Wikipedia doesn’t say but the song likely was sent to radio weeks before, plus the album had been out since early June.
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  12. Back then singles impacted radio/music channels approx. 6 weeks before the single release as it was all about the lead up to week 1 sales.
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  13. Never seen this before. I know the word is thrown around but iconic.
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  14. Yeah Mi Chico Latino was probably hammered on The Box for weeks all summer.
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  15. I think she will never drop It's Raining Men as her solo 'go-to', it's upbeat, everyone knows it and her best selling single. I personally would just love one solo performance (live) of Lift Me Up!
  16. Did you miss the duet with Rylan?
  17. hahah. I did see the snippet. I want the full version with bridge and key change!!
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  18. Island

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    If her lungs don’t collapse!

    Speaking of collapsing, I need her to do the full It’s Raining Men routine again.
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  19. Sometimes I think about this and my brain just doesn't comprehend it even though I remember it made complete sense back then.
  20. Call me old without calling me old, why don't you. (cries holding a VHS tape)
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