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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. It's going to be so nice to finally have Step To Me on streaming. It's wild to think 600,000 CDs were redeemed from the Pepsi promo.
  2. Insta Comment
    "12. Outer Space Girls"

    Their Twitter bio says
    "19. Viva Forever (Live In Manchester, April 1998)"

    Facebook says
    "24. Step To Me (Extended Mix)"
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  3. 9C1D19D1-28F5-431E-841D-C2647955699D.jpeg 19.Viva Forever (Live in Manchester April 1998) is on Their Twitter account.
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  4. 24. Step to Me (Extended Mix)

    There are some Spotify canvases too - but I've only seen them show the standard tracklisting so far.
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  5. If all we are getting from Viva Forever is a live version, I’m a bit disappointed. I was really hoping to see a demo, extended mix or at least the Themis Ambient mix.
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  6. Is Viva Forever live new or is it already out there?

    Great about Step To Me
  7. I wonder if this is a concert recording or the live performance they did for Live & Kicking (recorded at Manchester Arena when they announced the stadium shows). Seems odd to go with Manchester and not Birmingham but I'm not complaining!
  8. 11. Step To Me
    12. Outer Space Girls
    13. Walk Of Life
    14. Step To Me (Demo Version)
    15. Too Much (Live In Toronto)
    16. Stop (Live In Madrid, 1998)
    17. Move Over (Live In Istanbul)
    18. Spice Up Your Life (Life in Arnhem, March 1998)
    19. Viva Forever (Live In Manchester, April 1998)
    20. Spice Up Your Life (Morales Radio Mix)
    21. Stop (Morales Mix)
    22. Too Much (Soulshock and Karlin Remix)
    23. Viva Forever (John Themis Ethnic Latino Ambient Mix)
    24. Step To Me (Extended Mix)
    25. Spice Girls Party Mix (?!)
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  9. 18. Spice Up Your Life (Life in Arnhem, March 1998)

    Not a youtube2mp3 rip hahaha.
  10. GCZ


    This track list is dumb already.
  11. Had been hoping for more than that, but still, we got Step To Me at long last so will take.
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  12. Getting that 'Viva Forever' remix available officially makes this worth it. I can breathe now!
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  13. 21. Stop - Morales Remix
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  14. Obviously 1-10 is the standard track listing
    I assume there’ll be 25 tracks so still missing 7 more

    Also if Outer Space Girls is on there, guessing the other bsides will be too - so I’d wager

    13. Walk Of Life

    Spice Invaders?
    Ain’t No Stopping Us Now?
  15. Should've been the Brits mix. A shame.
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  16. 25. Spice Girls Party Mix
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  17. Can we please get a live version of If U Can’t Dance?!!
  18. The way it’s going, we’re more likely to get the album version of If U Can’t Dance as a bonus track
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  19. 15. Too Much (Live in Toronto 1998)
    13. Walk Of Life
  20. I'm guessing the orchestral version of 'Too Much' will be track #22?
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