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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Oh so it’s the original album PLUS 25 tracks?!?
  2. I think 5. Too Much (Live In Toronto) is a typo and it's supposed to be 15, because they've been putting clues up for 1-10 as well and they're just the standard tracklist.

    Only 2 left now - 16 and 22. Safe to assume 16 is live, and 22 is a remix (hopefully for Never Give Up!)
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  3. That was meant to be 15 for Too Much. Original album plus 15 tracks.
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  4. I know it divides opinion but I personally love Spice Invaders and I’m sad it seems to be omitted
  5. I do love that we've been waiting weeks for this announcement, and now the fans have even had to find the clues for the tracklisting. I guess it's a good way to bringing interest back up?!
  6. They really do the absolute least effort don't they? That vault is truly locked tight.
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  7. I’m content with this track-list. Some demos would have been nice and I do question why we needed three versions of ‘Step to Me’ but everything is welcomed. Not really a fan of live versions but the fact most of these are coming from shows that we’ve never had anything from, i’ll take it. It just goes to show that all those tour dates were recorded and exist somewhere.

    Now hopefully the next big announcement is a re-release of Spiceworld the Movie with some extra material.
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  8. 22. Too Much (Soulshock and Karlin Remix)

    So just track 16 to go?
  9. Remastered in stunning 4K haha

    Is the 1 on your keyboard stuck x
  10. Final tracklist!
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  11. It would have been nice to see some new remixes too. Surely there would be some decent talent that’d jump at the chance to reimagine some classics.
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  12. If they want to re-release officially some of the Spiceworld 1998 tour footage, that'll be grand. Thanks.
  13. Nah - that’s shit that, guys.
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  14. I'm intrigued by Too Much and Viva Forever since those are shows we've not heard from. It will be interesting to hear what they've done to the Arnhem and Madrid audio, unless it's not the audio from the footage that leaked. Step To Me will be nice too.

    Slightly underwhelmed, but I'd lowered my expectations long ago.
  15. Surely we can get the pre-order today, now we know the tracklisting?
  16. Well they've appeased me putting that 'Viva Forever' remix on it, but still it's really the bare minimum isn't it? I'm wondering if the Toronto audio is from the 2007 broadcast on Radio 2?
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  17. If they've gone to the trouble of digging through the live archives, why have they given us Move Over from Istanbul and why on earth have they used a 4-piece recording of Too Much? Unless they wanted to give a nod to the 4-piece era, but it's more likely the intern just didn't realise.

    They should have used the Murk Havana FM Radio Mix of Spice Up Your Life, they could have used the radio edit of the Stop Morales Mix as that isn't available on streaming, I guess for Too Much they were limited unless they created a new mix.

    Absolutely pitiful and the bare minimum - but pretty much on brand for the Spice Girls and it's what we expected. Hopefully the vinyl may have some additional live recordings at least.
  18. Fingers crossed, silly if not really.
  19. The live audio is gonna be ripped from those YouTube videos that they pulled down isn't it? hahaha!!!
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  20. Honestly, this is crap.

    The full Spiceworld 1998 audio is literally right there.
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