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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I hadn’t gotten my hopes up so I never expected much of anything but whew, I’m glad I hadn’t been excited.
  2. I happily would have sacrificed one of the remixes for a live version of NGUOTGT.

    If they have access to the full audio of live shows, a live album should have happened rather than bits and pieces being clipped and pulled.
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  3. I won't cross my fingers, but you never know, there might be a separate album coming with the full audio of the Spiceworld tour? Optimistic I know!
  4. Yeah I've always found random live tracks to be a bit of an annoyance. Give me a full album with the set list intact, or don't bother.
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  5. Wow, what a boring tracklist. At least the “Spice” album had a unreleased track.
  6. That’s the “Party mix”
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  7. Keep it
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  8. Agreed
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  9. GCZ


    This is straight up a slap in the face to fans. I won’t waste my money on this.
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  10. To think I had a hand in enabling this to happen by buying all the formats of Spice25. Welp. My wallet is sliving today.
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  11. Well not surprised.
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  12. Never Give Up, the single that almost was, not getting anything extra is really sad.
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  13. It’s an ok tracklist, I wasn’t expecting much anyway. I hope the cd boxset is less expensive that the Spice one, or I’ll wait to buy it for €15 like I did with that first one.
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  14. It's a double-edged sword really. If the last project doesn't do well then it puts the next project under threat, but at the same time supporting these projects also supports the narrative that we'll buy any old shit. I feel a bit resentful having supported Spice 25 that this is what we're given as a "reward".

    The "25" project has basically been a vehicle to officially release stuff that was already out there, to the point of even choosing Arnhem and Madrid as shows to pick audio from which are/were readily available on YouTube.

    This could have been a labour of love but instead it's the usual disappointment. Melanie C said the other day that the album and film re-release was "more of a Universal thing" so beyond an initial meeting of listening to demos and vetoing them all they've probably had no other involvement.
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  15. Shame no remixes of this was included. A fan favourite and indeed almost an single also.
  16. The didn't have any unreleased track from SW sessions, that's pretty clear from the autobiographies. I think Biff got confused here.
    But I don't believe they didn't have any demos/early versions at last...
    They wanted to focus on the live aspect? Fine, but then at least give us the full Istanbul concert as bonus content or the full audio from one the '98 Tour dates. This is simply not it!

    At this point it was better to leave it at Wannabe25. We already got everything we really wanted with it. Anything else was a time (and money) waste for us fans!
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  17. Only positive is Step to Me finally being in the digital world.
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  18. I'm happy about "Step To Me". Agreed that it's a bit strange not to just put the whole tour audio there. I think it makes sense if there are no demos of the "Spiceworld" tracks since they were recording them at the same time as filming the movie, so they probably went straight to the final versions as opposed to recording full demos.

    What do we think "Too Much (Live in Toronto)" is? Would be weird if it's from 98 as we'll have Emma singing Geri's lines? Or maybe it's from the 2007 tour...?
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  19. Thank heavens-imagine if they hadn't with this release??!
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  20. I thought the Radio 2 broadcast was from The O2. I’m sure the Too Much performance will be from 2008 though.
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