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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Yeah that was strange. I guess they want to represent the brief era post Geri however Geri’s part in Too Much was special and never sounded as good with Emma in my opinion.
  2. Sometimes I forget that the Spiceworld era actually ended after Geri left and lasted until at least the Autumn of 1998, with the final Wembley concert of the tour.
  3. The Too Much performance could be from their MuchMusic special. Still an odd choice.
  4. I wish Team Spice were a bit more in touch with what we would all happily throw money at them for. Throw a live recording on CD and vinyl, release the full Istanbul show in HD. They shouldn't have to be Spice fanatics to think of things like this.
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  5. They said “give up”.
    Whomever is spearheading this project at Universal needs to be fired then. These bonus tracks are such a mess that I just can’t see it not be deliberate. I mean, not even the full b-sides for either era? Come on!
    The only question now is which version? I’m guessing the album version so the Pepsi single version is no where to be found (unless it’s the “demo version”).
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  6. As far as we know, Step To Me will get the single treatment and be release ahead of SW25. They could also digital release an EP of it with all its versions.
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Not Alexandra Burke giving us more incentive on a celebratory release than the fucking Spice Girls.

    It's honestly mortifying how much they think they can stiff anyone. Sad!
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  8. Does anyone have any idea what formats Spiceworld 25 will be released on? I saw that an online store had uploaded and removed something, but wasn't sure what. I had my hopes on the same theme of Spice25, with a coloured vinyl of each SPICE letter on the original cover (dark red Mel B, purple Geri, dark blue Emma, dark green Vic, orange Melanie C) and maybe a picture vinyl of the image that's within the disc tray of the CD with the world/ring logo on the back.. but after this track-listing it's best I don't get my hopes up..
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  9. So far we're expecting:

    2xLP Vinyl - Disc 1: Spiceworld/Disc 2: Bonus tracks
    1xLP Coloured Vinyl - Standard 10 tracks
    1xLP Picture Disc Vinyl - Standard 10 tracks
    2xCD/Hardbook - Disc 1: Spiceworld/Disc 2: Bonus Tracks

    There was also rumours of a double-cassette edition, but these weren't in the deleted listings.
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  10. So, 1 missing bside ! ONE ! Spice Invaders

    25. Spice Girls Party Mix
    What is this ? A megamix ? Can't find it on Discogs.
  11. Seems to be new, or previously unreleased, but it's likely a megamix.
  12. I don't think they could be asked to go into the Virgin Vaults for this and like everyone said, just ripped stuff off Youtube.
  13. I can find 2 different versions of Step to me:
    Step to Me (7" Mix) – 4:05
    Step to Me (Japan bonus track) - 4:18
    Which one will be track #11 ?

    Too Much (SoulShock & Karlin Remix) 3:54
    Stop (Morales Remix) 7:25 or (Morales mix) is different ?
    were included in the Greatest Hits remix cd
  14. Poor “Spice Up Your Life”. #JusticeforSpiceUpYourLife25
  15. Quick search: 2 megamix, but they include debut album singles, too...

    21:29 - Too long, I suppose

    12:51 - Quite long, don't think it fits. It's def fanmade. It includes Holler, too. How can they put a megamix with Holler on SG25 ? Please !

    If I look at Discogs, no Spice Girls related items, but a Jiive Bunny album.
    Maybe the megamix is new or from the vaults.

  16. The Pepsi single version of Step To Me has been removed from YouTube whilst the Japanese bonus track version remains, so I guess we're getting the Pepsi version.
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  17. @biff stannard can you confirm there were unheard tracks from Spiceworld or at least demo ideas that could've been included in this?

    Just realised they didn't even include 'Can't Stay Tonight'...
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  18. I know we all adjusted our expectations after Spice25, but...

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  19. Well, that’s something…
  20. SBK


    Spice Girls, Queens of maximising revenue from the same 30 songs over and over.
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