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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Step To Me 4:18
    Step To Me (7" Mix) 4:05
    Step To Me (Matthew's Disco Steppin' Mix) 7:22
    Step To Me (Matthew's Extra Spicey Dub) 6:33
    Step To Me (Extended Mix) 5:41

    and apparently Step To Me (Demo) ?:??
  2. I think the demo will be the one floating around from the Spice era.
  3. No doubt it'll be the demo that leaked a few years ago from the Spice sessions.

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  4. I was really hoping that rumor of a Morales remix of Never Give Up On The Good Times was true.
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  5. Why do I feel like we’ll infuriatingly get a snippet of it in that Party Mix, leaving us wanting the full version forever.
  6. Not including Sound Off and the movie version of Say You'll Be There is bizzare. Those two tracks should be a no brainer to include on SW 25.
  7. Maybe we’ll get the proper version of Step To Me along with a brand new ad campaign with Pepsi.
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  8. They really announced the tracklist for something that hasn’t been officially announced…there are locals in their comments thinking it’s a new tour or movie

    Anyways I’m fine with what we’re getting as I really thought we’d just get the live tracks from the singles and Step to Me, though they could’ve chosen some album tracks for the youtubetomp3 conversions so the bonus disc wouldn’t just be the singles and Pepsi jingles
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  9. “Spiceworld Singles & Pepsi Jingles”
    The new album available to pre-order now
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  10. Awful.

    The only word I can think to describe it.
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  11. I’ll just pretend that they have saved all the real good stuff for an anniversary edition of Forever in hope of a revenge success for that album.

    But no, that’s never going to happen and this is just a shitty label situation.
  12. If the vaults really are that bare (I’m sure there has to be something better than this), why not give us updated mixes or just something vaguely exciting?

    This whole thing, just like Spice 25, is a real slap in the face. If Steps, who probably have about 1% of the budget can get new mixes made and dig out tour versions from 20 years ago, the Spice Girls can.
  13. I think the difference is though, that Steps are very much still an active band. They’re still regularly touring and performing in their full line up and producing new music and doing it themselves. With the Spice Girls now, the anniversary albums are being done for the brand via their label and management. They probably see it as less effort and financial input = more potential revenue. And they’re not wrong because we’ll still continue to buy this release in its editions when it’s available. And they know that.
  14. It is a shame the tracklisting is so meh.

    I agree, if the vaults are bare then new mixes. But surely there was at least a single edit of Never Give Up On The Good Times? The album version is four and half minutes which is rather long for radio.

    Plus there’s their song for Channel Five (I played it at my 1997 club night the other week). I’d have assumed Virgin would have owned copyright and licenced the sound recording to Five. Or if Five did own rights, Virgin could have licenced it for this.

    Oh well. At least I will no longer have people asking me to get Step To Me onto streaming…
  15. I think the problem (for us) is they negotiated a lot of control in their virgin contract. Where as other acts have little to no say in what a record company does with their catalogue.

    Some clearly don’t want a lot of the unheard stuff released and they have the power to ensure it isn’t.
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  16. "Step to Me (7" Mix)" expected later today - September 27.

    HQ "Spiceworld 25" album art for you all:

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  17. God, that's ugly.
  18. It's identical to the one that leaked on September 5. I guess we're finally getting the official announcement and preorder tomorrow
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  19. First look at the 2CD/Hardbook via Amazon US / Amazon France.

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  20. First look at the Picture Disc via Amazon US.

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