Spice Girls


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It's just so disappointing.

Even though she's gone, there's absolutely no reason that they can't emulate this:



Rereleasing and remastering all her albums from 1980-1991 (including an unreleased LP) with bonus tracks, edits, and instrumentals?

I'm just a bit worried about commemorative releases going forward. They used to be based on content and not simply the baseline of nostalgia. These Spice Girls releases are the absolute definition of lazy and stinginess, and for that, they aren't getting a physical order from me. Thank God for streaming. They can enjoy those pennies until they actually make an effort.

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Low effort cash-in from the band whose last activity together was advertising a casino app shocker.
I actually like the new merch (the apparel at least). It’s a little more creative than their other merch from the last few years which is nice to see.

I think I’ll just be getting a vinyl, CD and cassette in any case.
25.99 for the 2CD boxset?

I'd understand if there was material on there to make it that, but this a £15 (max) price. Is Mel B bankrupt again?