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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Is this remastered or just a reissue?
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  2. I'm happy they've used that shot. Probably my fave group shot of all time. Only criticism is Mel Cs weird leg angle.

    Thats how you do Black and white right not the Forever cover.
  3. Not really sure why they felt the need to reverse the picture in the middle of the hardsleeve, but so far the artwork looks good. It's at least remained true to the original artwork and is using the correct logo instead of the absolute horror that was Spice 25. Amazon US is referring to one of the vinyls as "clear" (previous leaks had said it was "coloured").
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  4. I don't think there has been any word on that yet, but Spice 25 was remastered so may be safe to assume this one is too.
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  5. No pictures as yet but:

    Spiceworld 2 x LP - Curated by the Spice Girls themselves, this Deluxe Edition 2 LP set celebrates the 25-anniversary of their 1997 album. Spiceworld 25 features the original 10-song chart-topping album, plus a bonus disc of their favorite B-sides, remixes, and live recordings from their hugely successful 1998 tour.

    Spiceworld Clear Vinyl - First released at the height of `Spicemania' and one month ahead of the Girls' big screen debut in their very own film, Spice World: The Movie, the album spent almost one year in the Top 40 on the U.K. chart and includes the #1 hit singles, "Spice Up Your Life," "Too Much," and "Viva Forever," as well as fan-favorite "Stop," LP pressed on clear vinyl.
  6. At least the picture disc looks OK.
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  7. The backstory of how WOMAN and the rest of the Forever demos were leaked is both hilarious and sad. Apparently someone from Argentina claiming to be Simon Fuller spoofed Eliiot Kennedy into giving them these demos for was what supposedly “an anniversary release”, only to find out months later that those demos were being illegally sold and then ultimately leaked online.

    I’m pretty sure I also heard a similar horror story in regards to another producers laptop/demos being stolen (Was it Biff Stannard? Or was it someone else from BiffCo/Absolute?).

    I do agree though that if an actual Forever reissue happens that these tracks could be on it.
  8. Growing up I always jokingly assumed she broke her leg from being too sporty.
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  9. I think the silver has the potential to look great in person. And I would be (irrationally) fuming if it used a different font, so I’ll give them props for that!
  10. Any news on whether we’re getting individual coloured vinyls for Spiceworld?
  11. I realise I’m potentially late to the party here but WOMAN leaked?!
  12. Not that I’ve heard of?
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  13. The picture disc does look nice, assuming though, that if we are not getting individual covers, than the original album artwork will be used for the LPs?
  14. If that silver is actually foil on the physical products, it’ll look great, if it’s just printed as an image like the Wannabe 25 picture disc “glitter” then it’ll look awful.
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  15. MB


    I think we know which option we'll be getting...
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  16. Is there much truth that we will be getting Step To Me later today?
  17. Move Over (Live in Istanbul) already saw a release on this CD, but I'm assuming we'll get an edited version as this one is 5 and a half minutes long with an extended intro

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  18. If we are getting Step To Me today, I assume it will be released at midnight local time like the Spice25 tracks so we'll know in a couple hours when midnight hits in New Zealand.
  19. Clear vinyl is often listed as ‘coloured variant vinyl’ to just denote that it isn’t a standard black vinyl. It’s a boring option to me, but it is what it is I guess.
  20. Sorry, but it's missing something: what about the demo listed in yesterday tracklist ?

    So, I assume that Spice Girls Party Mix is a brand-new message from the Girls ? No megamix, I presume...
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