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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Obviously their store will have exclusive merchandise but I wonder if they’ll have bothered with exclusive formats/a different colour for the standard vinyl?

    I’m hoping they go live to preorder at 11am, same time as the tease yesterday.
  2. It will never not be funny to me that someone photoshopped a longer dress on VB for all future usage of that image.

  3. I don't believe Woman is out there, but C U Next Tuesday is in the hands of multiple traders/fans. But in the same way Melody of Life and Sugar and Spice are in the hands of multiple fans, the vault appears to be locked thus far.
    (Not me - I bloody wish)
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  4. I've made a cover for my iTunes as I'm not a fan of the foil on the digital cover - it's got a slight gradient between the colours on the letters to try and match the Spice 25 one!
    Sw25 compressed.jpg
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  5. Apparently the CD booklet images are provided by "fan-restored content". I'm buying the 2-LP edition but that's it. This is a joke!
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  7. I'm 99% sure this is by the guy who runs Spice Girls Rewind and put together that gorgeous book, he's spent years buying up magazines, scanning and retouching. Apparently he's sent the digital files over to the girls' team who have used them on socials. He does a fantastic job to be fair.
  8. He does, but the original Adrian Green shots are available. It's like they are cost-cutting and it's clear nobody involved with this actually cares about content and product.
  9. Looks quite nice overall I think.
  10. It appears the girls' team asked the fan (Odai) for scans and the first he's been told of their use on the deluxe package is seeing the Amazon listing... wow.
  11. I have a handful of slides/negatives from the Adrian Green shoot so this has bemused me. Using scanned images for official product is the low I didn't think their team would reach but here we are.
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  12. The press release says
    Will we?
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  13. The message will probably be written in the booklet.
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  14. It's actually laughable that Universal relied on a fans scans to supplement the book. How could they have such little access to the originals? Spice Girls LTD owned EVERYTHING. I hope they credited him for his help in the book considering he only just found that's what they were for.
  15. The other 2 formats now have photos
    47797035-48AB-443F-B807-BFB1BCC5FCD3.jpeg 09F5FD28-B3CB-4208-8CA8-85B6E326CFE0.jpeg B72F8581-73CC-4CC5-8ABD-A3546A09255C.jpeg
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  16. This one is for hardcore Spice fans who collect everything. For a casual Spice fans, this is so underwhelming for 25 anniversary knowing what other bands did for theirs. Oh well I will buy it.
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  17. This release is a joyless cash grab with the bare minimum put in.
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  18. And yet so many of us will buy.

    I hate this.
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  19. Honestly, I'd have been much happier with a repress, with the original art on white vinyl, to match the Spice one.

    Won't be jumping to buy any of this.
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  20. Track lengths

    11. Step To Me (7" Mix) - 4:05
    12. Outer Space Girls - 3:58
    13. Walk Of Life - 4:16
    14. Step To Me (Demo Version) - 4:50
    15. Too Much (Live) - 5:29
    16. Stop (Live) - 3:24
    17. Move Over (Live) - 3:37
    18. Spice Up Your Life (Live) - 4:11
    19. Viva Forever (Live) - 5:57
    20. Spice Up Your Life (Morales Radio Mix) - 2:50
    21. Stop (Morales Remix) - 5:52
    22. Too Much (Soulshock & Karlin Remix) - 3:53
    23. Viva Forever (John Themis Ethnic Latino Ambient Mix) - 5:43
    24. Step To Me (Extended Mix) - 5:41
    25. Spice Girls Party Mix - 14:44

    "Step to Me (7" Mix)" should be out at 2pm.

    "Too Much" is from Toronto, July 1998 just to confirm as it wasn't in the clues yesterday.
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