Spice Girls

I actually really like all of the artwork (a shame about the content), but the vinyl releases having the same artwork is lazy and offers no incentive to buy both. "Joyless cash grab" is such an accurate way of describing this project, yet the girls will think they're giving us everything and it's the best thing since sliced bread no doubt.


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It's just so disappointing.

Even though she's gone, there's absolutely no reason that they can't emulate this:



Rereleasing and remastering all her albums from 1980-1991 (including an unreleased LP) with bonus tracks, edits, and instrumentals?

I'm just a bit worried about commemorative releases going forward. They used to be based on content and not simply the baseline of nostalgia. These Spice Girls releases are the absolute definition of lazy and stinginess, and for that, they aren't getting a physical order from me. Thank God for streaming. They can enjoy those pennies until they actually make an effort.