Spice Girls

I actually like the new merch (the apparel at least). It’s a little more creative than their other merch from the last few years which is nice to see.

I think I’ll just be getting a vinyl, CD and cassette in any case.
25.99 for the 2CD boxset?

I'd understand if there was material on there to make it that, but this a £15 (max) price. Is Mel B bankrupt again?
Would it have killed them to have something like this?

1-10 - original album
11. Step To Me
12. Walk Of Life
13. Outer Space Girls
14. Spice Invaders
15. Power Of 5
16. Spice Up Your Life (Demo)
17. Step To Me (Demo)
18. (Unreleased Track)
19. (Unreleased Track)

  1. Spice Up Your Life (new mix)
  2. Stop (new mix)
  3. Too Much (new mix)
  4. Viva Forever (new mix)
  5. Step To Me (Matthew’s Disco Steppin’ Mix)
  6. Never Give Up On The Good Times (Morales Mix)
  7. Move Over (PlayStation Mix)
  8. Saturday Night Divas (Live)
  9. Do It (Live)
  10. Denying (Live)
  11. The Lady Is A Vamp (Live)