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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Can’t wait for #Forever25!

    1-11: original album
    12. Holler (Live at TOTP)
    13. Let Love Lead The Way (Live at CD:UK)
    14. Holler (MAW Spice Beats)

    Deluxe re-release:
    15. W.O.M.A.N (Live from Earls Court)
  2. If you think about how much vinyl they’ve released over the last 3 years

    Spice (White Reissue)
    Spiceworld (Reissue)
    Forever (First Time)
    Greatest Hits (First Time)
    Greatest Hits (Picture Disc)
    Wannabe 25
    Spice 25 (5 solo covers)
    Spice 25 (Zoetrope)
    Spiceworld 25 (Clear)
    Spiceworld 25 (Picture Disc)
    Spiceworld 25 (2LP)

    That’s 15 releases, when from 2015 onwards all we had was the standard Spice in circulation. I am grateful their label have started creating these releases, even if they are ugly and don’t offer much new, it’s nice to have new physical media after years of having nothing.
  3. I love how much the label think we've been clamouring for a live album, but didn't dare go all out with a separate "Live from Spiceworld" album.
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  4. I’m getting the cd box set and that’s it.
  5. Also, the live album that we’ve been “clamouring” for is from Birmingham which is not represented on this set at all.
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  6. Have nothing to add to the general dismay, do we know if the main album has at least been remastered?
  7. That would take a crumb of effort so I doubt it.
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  8. The silver background coloured vinyl ‘1L-P’ is pretty gorgeous. Much better than Spice25 which was just tacky looking.

    It’s all a bit meh tough I’m not crazy for the T Shirts
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  9. That red t-shirt using an Emma fake blend is hilarious.

    A Dolby Atmos version should be coming.

    I'm just really gutted by all this, Spiceworld as an album and era is like the peak for me when it comes to pop and why I adore it still to this day. Have I got to wait for the 50th anniversary, I'll be fucking 60!
  10. Whilst I truly dread to think what Forever 25 will look like (assuming we'll get it), it's really shameful that the true sum of "new" stuff that we haven't heard through leaks in this release is two live recordings and a party mix. We thought Spice 25 was bad, but at least it gave us an unreleased track, two unheard demos and the Love Thing mix which some people did have but wasn't widely circulated.

    The thought that this might be all we ever get is so disheartening. One option would be to reissue the Greatest Hits for the 30th anniversary and give us some more breadcrumbs but I don't see them ever doing a "rarities" album because they clearly don't think the material is strong enough. I don't think any of the demos we've heard from the early years stand up to the songs we know and love, but they're still cute in their own right and deserve to be heard. I personally prefer Strong Enough to Feed Your Love, it's madness that they couldn't even stretch to including that somewhere when it's all over YouTube.
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  11. According to the description on Amazon Italy,
    an unreleased version of Viva Forever, the John Themis Ambient Mix

    According to Discogs:
    Viva Forever (Themis Ethnic Latino Ambient Mix) 5:39

    According to @andru track lengths:
    23. Viva Forever (John Themis Ethnic Latino Ambient Mix) - 5:43

    So, maybe it's a longer version of the mix... lol
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  12. Random thought but... they had the right 'S' font for that lyric video but the wrong 'S' font for the 'Spice' album re-release. Odd.
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  13. When are we getting Spice Girls: The Videogame 25.

    I was obsessed!
  14. 21. Stop (Morales Remix) - 5:52

    according to Wiki Stop page:
    UK, European, US CD2
    "Stop" (Morales Remix) – 7:23

    Uk promo 12" inch
    A1: "Stop" (Morales Remix) – 9:26

    So, this is an unreleased edit of an edit ?
  15. If the girls did "curate" this selection for Spiceworld 25 it doesn't surprise no un-released demos made. They usually show a distaste for anything un-released. They probably don't want them "out there". We'll have to wait until 5 die for Bowie/Prince-Style repackages
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  16. Actually that was a great lyric video. Where credit is due. I loved the "shot" with the pink ring pulls. Taking me right back.
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  17. Perched to bop to "If It's Loving On Your Mind (2100 Remastered)" from hell.
  18. The parts where it looks like it’s fizzing like it’s inside a Pepsi can!
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