Spice Girls

Melanie was asked about C U Next Tuesday in a new interview

I also hope that someday we’ll get to hear some of the unreleased songs you mention in this book that the group wrote and recorded for that first album. I’m most curious about “C U Next Tuesday.” Will that ever see the light of day? And should it?

Melanie: I think it should. I think there were nerves around it being on the anniversary edition of Spice for certain reasons, which I think is a shame. Because there’s a real charm about it. I mean, that’s what I’ve loved with some of the demos that we’ve had remastered and put on things for the fans, because, you know, technology was very different then. So these demos are full of bum notes and things being out of time, and that’s kind of cute, you know what I mean? You would never get that now, because everything is so polished to perfection.

Q: What is that song about?

Melanie: I think this is the one when we were talking about boyfriends who are just like… you know when your friend is with this guy and you can just see he’s a dick and he’s not treating her the way she should be treated? We were in a discussion, and there was one particular boy around the time, and that was what inspired the song. It’s just about those boys who… I mean, I see my daughter now, and she’s 13 and she’s very confident. But you still see this. I hate the situations where it’s like the boys have the control. It’s that, “Mm mm mm, he’s not hot enough for you, girl, you just remember that!” I think it’s, you know, within our lives and our developments there are moments where we allow other people to be in control of our emotions, and it’s hard for us to stay strong.
The first time I ever heard "Step To Me" was watching the Istanbul show on Pay-Per-View! I was in the US so did not get the opportunity to get the Pepsi single.

As a fan of the pop rock sound, I love having a song from the Spice Girls that's a bit more rocky and full of guitars. I also think the vocals are amazing - Mel B's rap, Geri's sassy verse, the back-and-forth between Emma and Victoria...and Mel C of course sound fantastic in those verses. The TFI Friday performance is still one of my favorite Spice Girls performances ever.

The first time I went to Tokyo, my sister and I made it a point to go to HMV and buy the Japanese edition of "Spiceworld", which we played more than the original - so to me, the track is just as essential as all their other ones and it is much more than just a b-side.
Forever has 5 good songs, I really can’t imagine a world where people think Wasting My Time and Times Goes By are great songs that stand up to anything from the first two albums.
I got to the part of Mel's book where she mentions multiple songs recorded for Spice that didn't make the album and then seeing the track list for Spice 25...

Didn’t Mel C say in an interview she was planning to record an unreleased Spice track as they weren’t planning to release any but she liked that one song? Or did I just make this up?
I am a huge fan since day one and I can't stand all these anniversaries and so called re-releases anymore. Could not care less about 'Step to me' being streamable. It's being hyped is like some sort of insult to die hard fans. At this stage listening to Forever session leaks on youtube is much more satisfying than all that clownery if you ask me.

And don't get me started all this Girl Power talk and no mention of the women movement started in Iran. They really could do way much better.
Forever has 5 good songs, I really can’t imagine a world where people think Wasting My Time and Times Goes By are great songs that stand up to anything from the first two albums.
I must be the only one who's more keen on those two than the likes of The Lady is Vamp and Move Over. All 3 albums have their duds and nobody is saying any of them is bad for that, really.
As a fan who would buy anything and everything back in the day, it still surprises me that I haven't felt even the slightest bit compelled to buy either 25th.

The moment small things were missed like the incorrect 'S' and not including Baby Come Round to make it a complete collection, I signed off from there I think, and the rest has just felt like they've put in the absolute bare minimum to be able to package something to sell.

I am glad (and jealous I suppose) that many fans can still feel such joy from these projects, but having the direct comparisons from groups such as Steps who are now so delicate/engaged with their legacy and responsive to their fans, just makes me constantly think how much better these projects could actually have been.
Why would people pay for all this anniversary stuff when it's just a few b-sides that have been on YouTube for years and some remixes. They know fans want things like WOMAN or other stuff that's in the vault but they keep doing this.

Huge fan or not we all know there's unheard stuff so give us that or nothing
If they offered a new album, or at least offer old album anniversaries with 4-6 unreleased / unheard songs of that era I would buy it. But just releasing the same old thing with the same tracks , along with bland remixes, I just don’t see the point.
It would be cute for them to just issue a new album containing all the unreleased/rarities and it would probably be a big seller for them but clearly they are too precious about what is out there officially and what isn't. But if most of it is on YouTube or been leaked anyway I don't know why they are holding back really.

But, hey, us All Saints fans are seemingly getting nothing for their 25th anniversary this year and none of their material is available on vinyl so... maybe be thankful you are getting something over diddly squat.
The main problem is that is visually unappealing and that they could have done a better tracklist with really less effort.

Re the unreleased, we know that there are none, so they could have made a whole CD2 with Step To Me + all the b-sides and the exclusive single mix of Never Give Up. A CD3 with the whole Spice World Tour audio for 1998 and that's it. If they wanted something more elaborated, they could have done the CD3 with tracks from different dates of the tour and a digital release of Step To Me as a single with all its different versions. To close it all a release on vinyl of Viva Forever with 5 different fairy covers.