Spice Girls

The problem with these anniversary releases is it can be a bit of a double edged sword, we crave unreleased material, but when this is delivered there’s the danger of the songs not being very good, like, a lost 10/10 song seems to be expected from the vault but then the social media comments are “there’s a reason this wasn’t released, it should have stayed in the vault”, which is always a shame to see and quite ungrateful, but yeah, this is not really good enough in terms of content, like, why leave off existing b-sides? And leaving them all off the 2LP vinyl set is a huge question mark.
Unfortunately, they're probably holding the little extras that they have in the vaults for another deluxe re-release in the future. Which is frustrating... but that's the music business.
Wasn’t he responsible for all the Steps remasters and their megamix video? Interesting that Universal were clearly paying attention to the Steps anniversary but fell far short.
Yes. The 20 Year Steps campaign has been so much fun thanks this person going through all the tapes, and working the teams and labels that made them in the first place.

I think he should've done the Spice Girl and Madonna back catalogue campaigns
What is up with Victoria‘s face in the lyrics video though?

Especially when she sings her solo lines and you see her in the tv ddd.

Looks like Victoria's skirt wasn't edited for the t-shirt, but is photoshopped longer for the picture disc.
Glad I got the Spice and Spiceworld vinyls when they were reissued a few years back.

As these 25 issues have been so underwhelming.

If there's nothing in the vaults (which I find it hard to believe) why not invest in a few new remixes? Give us something... is there anything on there that's not on YouTube?
The messiness of excluding the album version of Step to Me. The versions from the Pepsi single could've/should've been a standalone digital EP. So we're still missing three versions from digital.
I just listened to the Step to Me streaming version and while I'm not sure it's been remastered, I'm picking up on a slight left field pan on the vocals which I don't remember picking up on before.
Another inside arm Photoshopping error… this time on the picture disc.
I think this one stems back from the initial vinyl release in 1997. They reused the 1997 assets for the vinyl reissue so probably just took this photo from that. But I guess it's not like they had 25 years to fix it or anything.
It's fascinating (and frustrating) to watch these reissues come together. Not just for the Spice Girls, but in general. We're a forum of music historians and collectors. We know about every remix, edit, b-side, and unreleased demo. For the last few years or so, we're seeing the records that made us be given commemorative treatments like Spiceworld 25 and therefore will have strong opinions on how they should be handled.

I'm genuinely curious about who owns what when it comes to the rollout. I imagine different artists have different levels of involvement, but who is ultimately responsible for deciding on the tracklist? You would think there would be a research phase where they comprehensively compile everything that should be considered. If publishing rights cooperate, it's kind of baffling why anything would be left off. Surely this album won't be reissued again. If it is, maybe it's in a box set with the other albums and there's an opportunity to ensure completion then but otherwise, doubtful.

Isn't the primary audience fans? The die-hards who will care about bonus material? You may get some general public interest but these are fan service releases more than anything. If you're able to, why wouldn't you give them everything if the goal is revenue?