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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Not mentioned (to my knowledge) not even postcards this time around. Just gets better haha
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  2. I can only hope that the (hopefully inevitable) Girls Aloud releases are treated with much more care. @Dark Ballet should be the blueprint for all vinyl release campaigns. But the fact that the Spice Girls team are so lacklustre is disheartening and bordering on insulting.
  3. A side note after all the disappointment with the anniversary editions:

    I just listened to Jessie Ware’s “Free Yourself” and realized it would have been a great comeback single for the Spice Girls. It’s like a more sophisticated version of their playful disco songs. I imagine Emma and Mel C on the first verse, Geri and Victoria on the second verse and Mel B on the pre-chorus.
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  4. I kind of expected this to be a drab release track wise but even the vinyl is horrid. I hate that they’ve sucked all the color from the letters. I’m most disappointed that there aren’t individual covers for each girl this time, that was basically what made it special for me during the Spice reissue.
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  5. It is quite funny the one complaining in Spice Circle about fans sounding "spoilt" and "entitled" today because they are upset about this, is the same one that has the Copenhagen show in HQ they refuse to share.
  6. Their official store uses the original font now and it's been used here and there on social media. I think someone mentioned awhile back that they don't have the license to use it on commercial products

    This is from the press release - is this the "brand new message from the Girls"?

    The way they couldn't even bother writing individual messages this time
  7. The way @spicegirlsrewind's instagram stories have gotten me more excited for this release than anything the girls official pages have done... I love their page, and (if I'm thinking of the right person) they should be an inspiration to the label beyond just using their retouched scans.
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  8. Generally, the Spice fans have always been the absolute worst.
  9. They only use it now because a kind soul provided them with it, as well as many of the imagery they have been using.
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  10. Don't forget about the 10+ other shows too!
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  11. Who else has been blasting Step to Me all night?

    Mel Bs rap is so amazing. How she went from delivering raps like this to the ones that sit on Forever is mind blowing. This is so natural in its flow, the Right Back at Ya and Weekend Love ones are forced.
  12. I guess there's little chance of solo Spice albums ever getting decent re-issues either then!
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  13. I think @Sexbox tried to do one for Schizophonic and Geri said no.
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  14. I'll most probably get all of the vinyls, 2CD and cassette, but I won't be in such a rush to get them if I'm honest.
    I'm happy they are celebrating the 25th anniversary, but there is something missing if that makes sense. I was so geared up for this, as it's my favourite album, but it's just feeling a bit lacklustre. I'm fine with the tracklisting, but just that. Not amazed, or excited to hear new things.

    I'd love a proper live album with the whole Spiceworld 98 tour, a couple of new shows we haven't seen before just to appease the need for something different.

    Fingers crossed they actually do something good for 25 years of Spiceworld The Movie.
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  15. DYING at the fan claiming they've emailed Virgin asking them to cancel the release because the fans need to "grow up" and stop complaining.
  16. I-

    Imagine typing out that you emailed Virgin about essentially stan'd mess and thinking you did something.
  17. Imagine being so far up their ass that you cannot even vent your frustration about something or people you adore.
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  18. Imagine not allowing yourself to be frustrated about any of this.
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  19. I feel like they are treating the Step To Me release like they did with Feed Your Love. However it was never an unreleased track. It's just disappointing considering how half-assed everything has been with this release. It feels as if it's just an afterthought. Come on girls, get it together.

    Also, I never really cared for Step To Me to begin with. I think it's a dud compared to the rest of the songs from the first two albums. Today was the first time I listened to it since its original release and I still don't care for it.
  20. Since I don’t have any of the Pepsi CDs, there is a decent amount of material on the second disc that makes it worthwhile for me. It would have been nice to see something a bit more unexpected, but I’ll take the new Morales Remix Edit (5:52) as the big surprise. That makes three edits now under the same name including the 3:46 and 4:01 edits from promos.
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