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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Do you think they will actually do something for Forever? It wasn't really a huge album for them and I wouldn't imagine it would be of interest to anyone outside of the hardcore fanbase. Whereas, Spice and Spiceworld would have at least attracted a few casual listeners to purchase a copy.

    And I can only imagine the horrific designs they would come with for that re-release...
  2. I dont think they will because of the bad memories attached for Mel C, Geri not being there, the mediocre sales and the fact its 25th anniversary won't be until 2025 ( if next year they probably would've just done it to tie things up)
  3. Forever reissue ? I think it depends on the 14:44 megamix: if it includes Holler or Lead the way, chances are very thin... why releasing a megamix with songs not included in albums you didn't reissue ?
    btw, according to the press release, the unreleased tracks from #SW25 are:

    4. Step To Me (Demo Version)*
    5. Too Much (Live In Toronto, July 1998)*
    6. Stop (Live In Madrid, March 1998)*
    8. Spice Up Your Life (Live In Arnhem, March 1998)*
    9. Viva Forever (Live In Manchester, April 1998)*
    13. Viva Forever (John Themis Ambient Mix)*
    15. Spice Girls Party Mix*

    Maybe they got the wrong track lenght for the Morales remix and it's not an edit of an edit... still can't find it on Discogs, tho'.
    The not-so-funny thing about the Stop (Morales remix) is that their official YouTube channel has the 7:26 version. Are they uploading the "new" edit naming it the same way or are they deleting the old one ?
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  4. Grey background here we go.
  5. The fact that we are even discussing whether a (potential) edit of an edit of an old remix counts as a new track…
  6. I can’t see there being a Forever 25, despite it being the era with potentially the most outtakes. The vinyl reissue a few years back was quite deluxe as far as their vinyl packaging goes, and I don’t think the demand is there, especially waiting 3 years from now to release it.

    What I could see, however, is a Goodbye 25, or a Holler 25 single release, and them tacking the demo of WOMAN onto that. It would mean the fans will finally stop asking for it and they’d probably sell as many 12” picture disc singles as they’d sell for a full Forever 25 vinyl, for way less effort.
  7. Discogs says that the Morales Remix Edit on the US promo CD and 12" is 3:46, but there's also this 4:00 version that I prefer to the abrupt intro of the 3:46 version. Is it even official?

    Also - the Morales Remix that was on the CD single and currently on digital/streaming is technically an edit too, as the version on the UK/European promo vinyls is a full 2 minutes longer at 9:29
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  8. The length of Move Over live being 3:37 makes me think they've cut off the entire intro. The Pepsi CD release of the live track was 5:31.
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  9. Who wrote this?!

    Together with some timeless remixes, a search of the archives revealed a previously unreleased version of "Viva Forever - John Themis Ambient Mix" is named after the much in demand Australian-born guitarist who later co-wrote Emma Bunton's April 2001 solo No. 1 "What Took You So Long."

    That’s like saying “the Morales remix of Stop is named after the DJ who had a top ten hit with Needin’ U”

  10. Well that’s bullshit.
  11. The intro to the live version of 'Move Over' gives me goosebumps and is essential. So, of course they've cut it!

    - those are the genuinely "unreleased tracks" on this.

    Also we'll know it's a YouTube rip for 'Stop' (live from Madrid) if it has the same clipping the upload footage had.
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  12. It's understandable that they are reluctant about demos and outtakes being released, I totally get and respect that! But if you care enough to do something the least you could do is to actually make this a coesive collection of things that are already out there but out of catalog and/or hard to find.

    Why left b-sides out again? Maybe they think some are trash but they were released in the past so what's the point? The live tracks... Is it hard to make a "Spiceworld Live" set insted of just some tracks from different shows?

    Also, don't call a new edit of a old remix a new track. If you don't want to give us that don't try to sell your product as such!
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  13. Next we'll be getting Schizophonic re-issue with just 2 B-sides (which are the cover versions) an old remix and the white background changed to blue for no apparent reason.
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  14. They wanted to release a live album back then so they must have something recorded, right? They should have just bundled that with the reissue.
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  15. We know they have Birmingham but it seems they more have than that given the content on Spiceworld 25. On reflection the live tracks on this release would be the perfect tease for a full Spiceworld Live 25 release next year. They could easily do a 2CD, 2LP and double cassette of Birmingham with a super deluxe boxset containing the full Istanbul concert as a bonus, there's scope for some cute extras depending on licensing - Stop live on TOTP (from tour), Viva Forever live/mimed on TOTP (from tour), Step To Me & Sisters live on TFI Friday.

    Add to that a limited run of t-shirts and hoodies (bastardised wrong-font logo and photoshopping errors mandatory) and you've got a whole era right there.
  16. Mel C mentioned in her Access Hollywood interview that the tracks have been remastered. Our first confirmation, no?
  17. That would be far too much effort for them.
  18. Mel C is accepting gifts prior to the Q&A tonight in NYC, should my gift be a list of our ideas? Hahahaha

    I think it's clear from how she's been speaking about it that the label has the control on this whole release - only the die hards will buy a full live album release and I doubt that the margins are worth it.

    I'm happy about "Step To Me" finally being on streaming and I'll just leave it at that haha
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  19. Playing it right this moment. I truly love this, such a bop and glad this released at least is finally making thia readily available at last.
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  20. While I’m glad (the 7” Mix of) “Step To Me” is finally widely available, I’m sorry but I don’t get the love for it. It’s such a mediocre song and not even at the level of most of the b-sides.
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