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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Diddly squat would be a more preferable option over this tripe. Thankful for what? A bit of silver cardboard and a live song ripped from YouTube?
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  2. Maybe we will get another unreleased song for the 40th anniversary. Can’t wait!
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  3. The thing I am sad not being included, was any remixes of Never Give Up The Good Times? Surely there were some all ready to go before the single release of it was duly scrapped?
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  4. The main problem is that is visually unappealing and that they could have done a better tracklist with really less effort.

    Re the unreleased, we know that there are none, so they could have made a whole CD2 with Step To Me + all the b-sides and the exclusive single mix of Never Give Up. A CD3 with the whole Spice World Tour audio for 1998 and that's it. If they wanted something more elaborated, they could have done the CD3 with tracks from different dates of the tour and a digital release of Step To Me as a single with all its different versions. To close it all a release on vinyl of Viva Forever with 5 different fairy covers.
  5. All this Spice talk has got me back into their discography and I'm currently having various emotions over the orchestral version of 2 Become 1. So beautiful, ahhh.

    Also Victoria's verse in the single >>>>>>> Geri's in the original mix. No contest.
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  6. Outwith the controversial lyrical difference I appreciate both Geri and Victoria's verses. Geris is much more emotive and heartfelt in her vocal depiction but Victoria sings higher giving her verse a good buildup to Emma's Bridge.
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  7. I'd take All Saints' two stellar albums of new material in 2016/18 over any repackaged anniversary release.
  8. 'Can't Stay Tonight' and 'Sound Off' could've been included if they wanted "unreleased tracks", the latter especially as they sung it on the 2019 tour! This whole release has been half-arsed and sadly reaffirms what some folk have said about the group for a while, it's all about the money.
  9. Not me being annoyed that they didn't include Spice Invaders and then realising that I didn't even include it myself on my iTunes version of the album fff.
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  10. I hope they remaster the Ambient mix of Viva Forever, it just sounds like someone has used some free software to remove some of the instruments. It results in some of it sounding really echo-y because you can hear things are missing from the mix.
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  11. They should of just released something like this to celebrate 25 years of Spice Girls instead of these seperate album anniversaries:

    1. Bumper to bumper
    2. Take me home
    3. One of these Girls
    4. Baby come round
    5. Feed your love
    6. Step to me
    7. Outer space girls
    8. Walk of life
    9. Spice invaders
    10. My strongest suit
    11. Woman
    12. Another unreleased song from “Forever” as we know there are a few.
    13. Wannabe (Demo)
    14. Say you’ll be there (Demo)
    15. 2 become 1 (orchestral version)
    16. Last time lover (Demo)
    17. If U Can’t Dance (Demo)
    18. Who do you think you are (Demo)

    At least this way “Forever” could also have some acknowledgment. Obviously I would love more unreleased songs but I was trying to be realistic with the tracklist.
  12. 19. Viva Forever (Themis Ambient Mix) aka the perfect closer.
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  13. I've never heard the Themis Ambient version of Viva Forever before, just gave it a listen on YouTube, and it's lovely, but why would you remove the strings! They're simply gorgeous and make the song so emotive. I'd love a version with the strings added
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  14. You can't doubt it.
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  15. I thought that’s what it was? Is it actually commissioned or just something by they found on YouTube and were like “yes, put that on”.
  16. It probably is honestly.
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  17. Probably controversial considering the response of the reissues here, but I’m kinda here for them. Like, I’m living for the packaging specially for the new Spiceworld artwork, which I think it’s gorge. Also loved my Spice CD booklet.
  18. Just made the mistake of giving 30 seconds of thought to how this could’ve been done better.
    • Never Give Up On The Good Times CD single
    • Releasing the full set list of the Spiceworld tour and calling it the Lost Live Album.
    • Retro mini site with stems/recreations of official/fan sites, those MIDI versions of tracks that would play when you visited one…
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  19. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, they should have released a b-sides album which included 5 unreleased songs. Each of them picks one unreleased track to release from the archives. This would have expanded their discography much better than these poorly thought out anniversary editions.
  20. Last night at the Mel C book event in NYC, I witnessed a fan rant about how we shouldn't complain about the tracklist and how he's really over it...I had a response but decided not to start an argument in line, haha!
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