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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. It's weird how none of the live tracks are from Birmingham ...maybe this is a test to see how they could market a live album next year with the tour announcement (hopefully). It would also make sense for them to do some sort of celebration if they really do Glastonbury.

    Something like this:
    - May 2023 - Girl Power! Live
    The full Birmingham show 2CD / 2LP - We know the betacam rip of this concert is "out there" but i'm not sure their team is smart enough to go after it

    - December 2023 - Goodbye25
    EP containing the original demo, the full non-fade orchestral version, Christmas Wrapping and any Forever outtake to tease a follow up release of unreleased tracks next year...

    2024 - 30 Years of SPICE
    A compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks from 1994 to 2008(?)

    I don't think Forever25 will be a thing since it doesn't make sense from a commercial point of view but i'm sure they are all aware of how much W.O.M.A.N would be a selling point so they can either put it on a Goodbye 25 anniversary edition or just do what would actually make sense and release a compilation of unreleased material from the vault.
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  2. Mel B posted about SpiceWorld25 on instagram about an hour ago but what was interesting is that she used the hashtag SpiceTour23.

    Let‘s hope so.
  3. I think it is time for them to record 10 tracks and unleash a whole new album to tour with. It's time.
  4. I thought the same about there maybe being a live album from Birmingham coming next year. But… I’m not sure anyone involved is arsed.
  5. A full live album from the Spiceworld tour, would certainly be most welcome. Believe it when I see it though alas.
  6. I've wanted it for xx amount of years but it still hasn't happened. The opportunities to do it have been there in abundance.

    Sadly I think Forever is going to always be their final studio album.
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  7. I’m still not over getting to meet Melanie last night in the city. Gonna deep dive into this book like nobody’s business. She’s GLOWING in person and was so nice to everyone. If someone told my 8-year old self that this could’ve happened I would’ve laughed at you. Anybody else on PJ attend?
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  8. It's a more acoustic take, definitely more guitar and I believe the version they performed on the '98 tour.
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  9. I never knew Holler was performed at the 2000 Brits but wasn't shown on TV - the radio broadcast is inetersting. Poor Melanie C is struggling. I wonder if the footage exists.
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  10. Why did they perform it though. The single wasn’t out til October. Also performing it at their Christmas tour.
  11. I always got the feeling it was originally going to be released sooner hence that early performance. Melanie then got her huge hit with Never Be the Same Again and everything changed. I'm betting they had an era planned for 2000 and had Mels career not taken off like it did it likely would've happened. In the end one double A side was probably the compromise reached.
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  12. I'm mostly not excited by this release because I don't really care for live versions of songs unless I'm actually there experiencing them. I guess I enjoy them a little more if they do something different with the production of the song and it's a really good quality recording, but even then I'm not that fussed.
  13. It's so incredibly frustrating.

    Take That/Steps/All Saints are the blueprint.

    Biff is willing and ready.

    Come on and DO IT, ladies.
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  14. Just noticed that the double cassette doesn't include the original and demo versions of Step to Me, the b-sides or the Stop remix
  15. No, there’ll be a special radio frequency available for 2.37 hours and you have to record them to the cassette yourself.
  16. It's a slightly odd choice to include the Step to Me Extended Version on the vinyl and cassette rather than the 7" mix.

    It annoys me that they excluded the B Sides from the vinyl in favour of live tracks. Outer Space Girls, Walk of Life and the shorter Step to Me would have been fun to play on vinyl!

    I would have preferred this for the vinyl bonuses (out of the tracks they've included on the CD):

    Vinyl Side C:
    1. Step to Me (7" Mix) [4:05]
    2. Outer Space Girls [3:58]
    3. Walk of Life [4:16]
    4. Too Much (SoulShock & Karlin Remix) [3:54]
    5. Viva Forever (John Themis Ambient Mix) [5:43]
    Total: 21m56s

    Vinyl Side D:
    1. Spice Up Your Life (Morales Radio Mix) [2:50]
    2. Stop (Morales Remix / Edit) [5:52]
    3. Spice Girls Party Mix [14:44]
    Total: 23m26s

    (i.e. leaving off the 5 live tracks, Step to Me Demo and Extended versions)

    For me the live tracks would have served their purpose just being on the CD/Digital releases. The label could have saved the "live tracks on a vinyl" thing for a full blown live album release. I'm still amused that their store references that fans have "long clamoured for a live album" and think that we would apparently "delight" at them including a few live tracks on this instead... as if that's somehow even better than a live album? Ok then!

    P.S. Somebody shared with me that apparently Universal checked their archives for the existence of a Morales remix of Never Give Up on the Good Times and otherwise reached out to try and locate it, but couldn't find it. Therefore they've concluded that its existence is a myth. Of course feel free to take this with a pinch of salt, it's just what I've been told! Out of interest, where do the rumours stem from that it exists?
  17. Yes, the sequencing is a bit random on the vinyl. Also think that would have been better to get this mix of Step To Me rather than just the slightly longer extended version:
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  18. At her book event in LA last night, Mel C once again said the 'B-Sides are B-Sides for a reason' thing, but also said they were so busy recording Spiceworld that there was less material to draw from for SW25, and also that stuff was recorded on tapes so trying to get it to sound good is trickier.
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I don't think anyone would have minded demos sounding.. like demos
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  20. She should've just shrugged, as that's what I got from this answer.

    Couple of things, in the early 00s there was an industry DJ/remixers site and Morales remix for 'Never Give Up On the Good Times' was listed that's where I remember first reading about it. Also it makes sense he would've done it as he had remixed all of their up-tempo singles from 1997 onward and as we know 'Never Give Up...' was intended to be part of a double A-Side.
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