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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. The “searching the archives” that’s taken place seems to be more an assistant going on Wikipedia, reading the single tracklists and taking that as all there is.
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  2. I can see what they tried to do with the 2LP and cassette - splitting Side C and Side D into "live" and "remixes" will make for better listening - but it's annoying for those that collect these formats since neither of them offer the complete release.
  3. Maybe he was pencilled in but it never got finished once the plans were canceled (which I assume would’ve been around the time Geri left?).

    I don’t know, the US didn’t get “Viva Forever”. Haha
  4. He likely remixed the potential singles choices early on. The 98 tour version apparently incorporates it and listening to it live it does sound like the intro and outro are parts of what could've been a remix.

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  5. Ohhh… no wonder y’all want this mythological remix. Sounds like it would’ve been a right STOMPER!

    The way they didn’t even put this live version onto the 25th Anniversary edition either ddd
  6. I was once told the Brits performance of Holler was more aimed at industry bods to give a flavour of their new sound, but who knows?
  7. If Universal couldn't bother contacting/paying the original photographers for HQ scans, then it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't reach out to David Morales for an unreleased NGUOTGT remix.
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  8. This legit sounds like it would be for it, or was possibly the instrumental and David reused it because it was never released?
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  9. Imagine if they did contact him and he found it but was then like “nah, doesn’t exist” and then just stripped off the “…On The Good Times” part and made a new song.

    Probably looking too much into it but the vocal version with “never give up” is pretty much that part of the Spice Girls song.
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  10. Why would industry 'bods' need a flavour of the new sound dd.
  11. Is it just the clunky choreography/their exhaustion or is this performance really... flat? Mel C and Victoria are the only ones seemingly into it.
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  12. Probably exhaustion and it's the penultimate song of the set.
  13. Don’t forget Mel B and Victoria were pregnant at that point. (Who knows if there was any morning sickness or anything.)
  14. Like the Spice anniversary edition I’m not feeling SpiceWorld25 either. Most of you have covered this, but again it just seems like “will this do?” with little to no effort. Watching Emma on The One Show gush about “loads of new stuff” on the reissue…. Who is she kidding.

    Don’t get me wrong the first 2 albums and the whole phenomenon of Spice Girls was an incredible time. I also enjoyed the last tour (well except the shit sound system in the Spice Circle)…. But I just want more as a fan. Even if it was new remixes… or even better effort to record new music or properly search the archives for material we all know exists.

    Sorry - rant over. I’m just a little disappointed once more.
  15. Victoria has successfully put on her debut Paris Fashion Week show this week. Apparently it went very well.
  16. Tour and Glasto rumours are RIFE after Mel Bs hashtags on insta last night!
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  17. That's nice to hear. Maybe it's because I don't actively follow her, but I haven't heard that much of her brand or collections in a while.
  18. The family feud (?) seems to be more in the press, I suppose.
  19. It was her first show in three years.
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