Spice Girls


I'm actually quite impressed with the photo choices! I'm definitely going to have to get this.
I know we've seen this outtake since a fan bought a print of it from the photographer, but interestingly this is hosted on the official site, not that I can see it's visible?

Is this slightly better quality than what we've seen before?
This made me notice something about a t-shirt they're selling on their store -


Instead of using the shot of Victoria from the picture you've posted, they've extracted the shot of her from the more commonly used picture, and they've extended her outfit... but in a different way to how it was edited back in the 90s. Strange!

Comparisons - the original picture of Victoria vs. how it was edited for later CD pressings vs. the new t-shirt edit:


I wonder why they didn't use an edit of this shot for the t-shirt? (Side note: I wonder why they've even felt the need to edit it over the years - could it be Victoria who wasn't happy with it in the first place?)