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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Jacquemus was there too paying back her going to his show earlier this summer.
    My two queens.
  2. "Spiceworld 25" now has an animated cover on Apple Music - it's the same as this video of the updated globe:

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  3. Never Give Up On The Good Times is one of those songs that will never get old and will always inject a massive dose of euphoria, especially when this song is played out at club. This would have had such an iconic video.
  4. Some posters said Voodoo was subpar a few pages ago and— they were wrong, folks.

    If Voodoo was on Spice it would have been the third best non-single. If it was on Spiceworld, it would have been the second best non-single.

    If it had been used instead of that ballad as the Greatest Hits single, they would have had another hit song and maybe would have recorded another album.
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  5. Yes, I don't know if it would change anything being the single in 2007 (it was just too soon) but Voodoo is great (and so is Headlines).
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  6. When a fan asked Mel C. at the NYC book signing about any new material, "Headlines" was brought up, to almost hysterical laughter. She said "It was alright..... it is a very beautiful song, but it's no "Goodbye" is it?"

    I can't understand why the big girl groups go for ballads like this, as well as Girls Aloud.
  7. Melanie C's answer here speaks volumes. Universal Music Group doesn't care about the group's musical legacy to restore and master some of their unreleased demos. The Spice Girls are the best selling girl group of all time. You would think UMG would want to save demos from being lost to time on deteriorating tapes.

    It's quite odd there are no demos on SW 25. One of the Absolute guys posted a work in progress album that had slightly extended versions of Move Over, The Lady Is A Vamp and NGUOTGT. Why didn't we get these on SW 25?
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  8. Never Give Up On The Good Times would have been the perfect single to bookend such a triumphant era had Ginger not left the group.
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  9. They probably weren't mastered, or good enough, or demo versions, or they 'lost them' / couldn't be bothered.
  10. So, at the end of the day no confirmation of a Morales Never give up remix. The live version may be re-arranged
  11. It was quite sad to read in Melanie's book about how there was less magic with the recording of Spice World because they were just so busy being popstars.
  12. I don't think the demos are "lost to time" given that they had a listening session and Melanie C referenced several unreleased demos, I think they've been transferred from tapes and there's been a stocktake of what there actually is in the archives, but there's obviously a conscious decision to give us absolutely nothing at this point. The extended versions would have been such an easy win for Spiceworld 25, but alas not.
  13. It's a terrible song, even if it had come out in 96 or 97 it would still be crap. The production is cheap, the repetitive structure, "party-laaaaa"... awful. It's truly the worst in their whole catalog.
  14. And the exact reason I’d be scared of a new album.
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  15. “Voodoo” is very much a b-side level song. I feel like they’re aware of the reaction to “Voodoo” and that’s probably why we’ve gotten neither unreleased tracks nor a new album.

    Which is funny because the magic is still there and strong on the record (except “Denying”).
  16. As much as I'm curious to hear all the demos, I don't actually mind them having some quality control and not releasing them if the group doesn't want to. It's like with any work, I wouldn't want people to see all my rough drafts of presentations/projects etc.
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  17. I don't think Headlines and Voodoo are automatically indicative of what new material would sound like, because they weren't all together in the same room during the writing/recording process.
  18. So when was "Voodoo" recorded? In the 90's or for the GH compilation?
  19. Unless all four of them decided to actually make the band active and not just a nostalgia tour every few years then the music just won’t be good, they’d need to spend time together to write and record it to get that magic and I don’t think they’re all committed to that.
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  20. Personal opinion: 3 of them would be up to it.
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