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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

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    They need to get together and dedicate all their time and effort into it, which is why I doubt they’ll record anything new any time soon.
  2. I don't think Geri has the "musical interest" that the others can have.
  3. I disagree I think Geri has a ton of passion for music still. She was clearly disheartened by her album leaking and the underperformance of her last singles. Her Rainbow Woman stuff still showed she has it in her to make good material. It’s the getting it out there she struggles with particularly when her live performances are continually criticised.
  4. Geri is super musical and very into song writing and creating music, she literally created a whole album herself on her coin a few years ago. If you think Geri isn't into music you've not been paying attention. Now if she wants to channel that into a new Spice Girls album, that's another story but she's passionate about making music.
  5. It's more likely to be Emma not interested in recording/writing "new" music, the fact her last album was 90% covers tells you that.

    I think Geri is the reason a tour hasn't been announced (yet) and I don't blame her for being hesitant to commit. She undoubtedly saw some of the vile comments about her from "fans" on the last tour, why would she put herself through that treatment again?
  6. If a label said 'here's a million quid, do an album' they'd all be into it. As it is, self-funded with no success guarantee... why would they.
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    I doubt there's anyone willing to throw big money at them for it now.

    If the Spice Girls really wanted to, they'd be making music. But they've probably left it too long and let doubt into the equation by releasing Headlines. To try something now would come with immense pressure to succeed.

    In an ideal world they'd do it in secret and randomly drop it on us.
  8. As long as their tours sell they don‘t need new music.
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  9. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to record an album in 2022. Biff would probably work with them for just royalties, nothing up front, out of his love for them. Some other producers (and even some younger pop stars who are fans) might also collaborate with no up-front cost.
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  10. Exactly. In the same way that Dancing Queen and Light Up The World wasn’t indicative of what was still to come from Steps
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  11. I'm not saying they need the money more so the fact someone who believes in them, gives them a timeframe and some deadlines and is behind them in a major label way, with the right resources - they know what big budget albums feel like and they also know what's gonna happen if they go indie.
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    Oh, there's obviously no shortage of people who'd do it in a Heartbeat!

    But anything they do, that they wanted to release would need a Spice Girls marketing budget... and I'm not sure there are many labels who'd give them that in 2022...
  13. I don’t think they would need a large marketing budget for an album that would make the front page all around the world.

    If they don’t want to pay for the sole music video they would likely release, they could get a brand to sponsor one easily enough.
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    Well they did that already and that's probably a large part of the reason they've not tried again.
  15. I doubt they'll ever release new music. Aside from everything that's already been mentioned, I imagine there's the fear if they do something not good or successful enough (and whatever they release, it's just never going to be as successful as their old material), it'll tarnish their legacy, which is just on another level compared to other pop groups from around the same time that are still releasing new material now. But even without new music, they're still doing a great job at keeping the Spice Girls alive, it's just nice that they're still around after all these years.
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  16. Forever 25 would be their best way of putting out ‘new’ music, I think.

    Dust off the 99 sessions. If Mel C is scared that they’re shit, properly finish them off (I’ve no doubt the studio version of W*MAN is pants but we literally know how amazing it sounds with strings so, do that?!). Pop some Geri vocals here and there. New cover (*try* and get VB on board for that at least). Have ‘Geri on Forever’ full circle moment thing be the marketing angle.

    Actually this is a shit idea. As you were…
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  17. Completely this. They know their tours will sell without a bar of new music and realistically the next tour will surely be their last hurrah, there's no incentive to go into the studio. Geri as the driving force behind writing is always creative, but she's too tentative to see anything through to release. I think the Mel C would be on board if the music was good, I think Mel B would sing anything if it meant she'd get to go on a Spice tour, and Emma is eternally lazy on all fronts. Why bother putting effort into an album when they can make 10x the amount of money doing a day's work for Coinmaster? For years they've operated on minimum effort, maximum financial gain.

    In the Amazing interview she said "quality not quantity, for a celebration". I do believe all four are on board but whilst the Mels very vocally want to tour the universe and beyond, I could believe Geri's only up for five nights at Wembley. It's nonsensical that Spiceworld 25 wasn't tied to a tour pre-order to help flog the album which makes me think a tour next year isn't necessarily a done deal.
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  18. They're waiting for Glasto to call.
  19. Wel, the setlist should be changed from time to time.. Not saying shifting Viva Forever from Opening to Closing song!

    I like Mel C interviews... first she says this reissue is a label thing, then she says vaults are locked...
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