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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Ha at that description!! Wish and hope we get this edit on any possible Forever 're issue. We won't of course!
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  2. I hate that edit with a passion, it feels way too rushed.
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  3. Oxygen is gorgeous. Infinitely better than Headlines.
  4. Oxygen is the best Forever ballad. The lyrics, the vocals and that key change towards the end is chef's kiss. No, I don't count Goodbye as a proper Forever track.
  5. I know it's ridiculous, but it really does irk me that the vinyl cover for Spiceworld is now the universal version being used for streaming/merch etc. The final CD version must be right there since they used it for the GH vinyl.

  6. This happening 15 YEARS ago today blows my mind! Release the Headlines performance!
  7. I keep thinking about the fact that when Forever’s 25th anniversary comes around it will either be super anti-climactic and we’ll get another trash reissue or they won’t release an anniversary edition at all since it’s their only album as a 4-piece and they didn’t do any promo for it. It saddens me though, because I really like the album and think it contains some of their best material lyrically.
  8. There's no point in celebrating an album that wasn't celebrated the first time around.
    Both Spice and Spice World are iconic album hence why they had been re-released, the same won't happen with Forever.

    The only way to close the 25 years celebrations mark would be a special vinyl realese of Goodbye and call it a day.
  9. The way they handled Spiceworld25, it would be the biggest joke ever if they somehow take notes and do better with Forever25, if any at all.

    I still hold out hopes for a 25th anniversary mix of Goodbye with Ginger's recorded vocals added. Would be the best bookend to the 25th anniversary saga.
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  10. I do hope Goodbye gets something for it's 25th next year, even on an anniversary vinyl. Better than nothing.
  11. If we didn't get a release for Spice Up Your Life I doubt we'll get anything for Goodbye. It's definitely one of the more forgotten singles in their discography, even Holler has outstreamed it.
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  12. I could see them doing something for Goodbye, assuming they want to do one release a year it’s the obvious choice for next year.
  13. They could always take it back to first 25 campaign and release Goodbye25 (on digital and vinyl) backed with “W.O.M.A.N.” in a low quality live version and then just leave it at that.

  14. Very cool. They sold for over 9 grand.

    Hope the buyer restores them to their original glory, poor Emma's fairy.
  15. The puppets embodying the Spiceworld 25 release <3
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  17. Let me guess instead of a tour or a proper anniversary celebration they will be promoting some mobile game or something.
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  18. I just know we were all waiting for this collaboration to re-appear... out midnight.

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  19. It terrifies me that these people keep bringing up the idea of hologram around them.
  20. Why are they against touring? It’s what will bring them in the most money and give the fans exactly what they want.
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