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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Can anyone source this interview at the beginning? It looks like behind the scenes from the Spiceworld album cover shoot. Probably another thing in the vaults we'll never get!

  2. Whenever this slips onto my Spotify, all I can hear in my head is 'We've just landed in LA and we're knackered' and 'Annd it's about 2 o'clock in the morning, and here we are inside the Four Seasons'.

  3. Behind the scenes footage of them shooting the Aprilia advert! Shot on 24th April, 4th May & 5th May 1998. The full (and rather bizarre!) advert begins at 4:52. I don't think the very beginning of it has ever been available online before now?

    The above video has been upscaled, if you'd rather watch it how it was originally shared, it can be viewed here:

    And here's a fan edit which uses some of the unseen footage (it made me feel slightly emotional, weirdly. I guess the combination of "new" footage and Viva Forever instrumental did that to me!)

  4. WOW they looked amazing and I've never seen the original advert with Geri in it. Thanks for sharing
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  5. The way even just the instrumental of Viva Forever is the greatest piece of music in existence though.
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  6. Where were they going to be attempting to actually launch those scooters? Of all the things they ever endorsed, that was definitely the strangest and most baffling.
  7. Maybe Italy? It was super weird as 95% of their fans could not drive and the few that did would never be seen outside in a Spice Vespa. Get money though.
  8. It's an awful ad.
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  9. Geri looks STUNNING in that video. They probably would've carried on a couple more years had they been given time off.
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  10. It was launched and sold in Italy, I'm not sure if it was launched in other markets too
  11. For anyone who bought the CD, it’s apparently been pushed back again to January 2023.

    Very happy I didn’t spend any money on all this.
  12. Oh come on...
  13. Spain had them too:


    And I guess France and the US did as well since they had events in both Paris and Miami.


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  14. Germany too since this is from Munich:

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  15. Such an cool and rare piece of Spice history all of this. Never seen it before.
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  16. Emma's styling in early 1998 was so bad.
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  17. Not keen on all of the girls 1998 stylings to be honest.
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  18. So Emma says they HAVE been asked to do Glastonbury, but they wont be doing it next year. The answer varies depending on the day and the Spice you ask it seems!
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  19. Maybe the thing is they are actually trying to get Victoria on board and for some reason she has commitments next year?
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  20. Maybe she wants to wait for 2024 as a way of celebrating her 50th birthday.
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