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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I’d still rather a tour. Only good thing about Glastonbury is the guarantee of professional filmed footage. It leaves them open to a lot of scrutiny though.
  2. As well as the fact it will be 30 years since the group formed too. A great way to end on a high, maybe?
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  3. [​IMG]


    Queens only
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  4. They’re going to do Glastonbury next year. At this stage, I feel it’s just a a care of convincing Victoria.
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  5. They are such a fucking mess. Shows they really needed Simon to focus on what’s important and pull them together. The moment he was gone, it all went tits up (yeh, I know there were nuances to the situation but still). They simply CANNOT manage themselves.
    They’ll take any old solo shite and cross the world for it (TV shows, brand events, Formula One races) but they cannot commit to 3 week rehearsals and 2 fucking months of their lives on the road, which would bring in MILLIONS. It’s absolutely mind boggling.
  6. He


    Or they are women in their late forties with their own interests and lives and jobs, with quite different priorities than they had in their 20s being overworked to the bone.
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  7. They have only done 60 tour dates in the past 22 years. That's really baffling when you think about it.
  8. But also iconic I attended 3 of those!
  9. They were overworked for a whole 24 months of their lives, 26 years ago; let's not put them in the league of other artists who actually toured the world for years, chucking album after album.

    It'd be fair enough if they just went that's it, the Spice Girls are done, but 3 of them keep saying they want to tour again and that the plan all along was to continue after SW19 (which is simply not true), so it gets a little tiring and frustrating when they cannot commit to anything that doesn't require minimal effort. They are a pop group, they should be recording music and performing by definition. Otherwise, call it a day.

    For the first time in forever I am getting a sense of tiredom from their fanbase because they literally give us nothing but t-shirts and hoodies. I cannot think of any other artist who would be in the position of selling out stadiums all over the world but settle for CoinMaster adverts. Just look at Westlife, Take That, Backstreet Boys, Sugababes, P!nk... they all have other interests, lives, jobs and kids too but they put in the time and effort their jobs require.
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  10. Just to put things further into perspective, the only other 90s band who could match them in terms of impact and success, the Backstreet Boys, have played 204 shows as part of their latest tour ALONE. That's 37 more than the Spice Girls have EVER played. In total, their tally stands at over 1,300 shows since the 90s.
  11. Do you remember a moment when Victoria and Mel B share/harmony in a Spice Girls song verse?
  12. Yeah what we’re not going to do is downplay the amount of work and stress that they all went through during their initial run. Most of them have publicly discussed how difficult it was and the toll it took on them physically and mentally for many years afterward.

    We’re not going to downplay it because we feel entitled to more tours. We don’t own them.
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  13. 'PLANS Me with Mel C'
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  14. I see your PCD and I raise you

  15. I love Def Leppard
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I hear you and allow me to clarify - I don’t feel entitled to anything that requires anybody to do something they don’t want to do, which is why I am perfectly fine with VB not taking part even though she’s my favourite; but years of constant back and forth from the other 4, saying Australia or the US are next any time they have any solo promo there and blaming Covid for SW19 not continuing is borderline disrespectful at this point.

    Who knows, they may have bigger plans indeed after all. I‘d happily be proven wrong.
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  18. Don’t worry, we knew what you mean.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This thread always has such a strong controlling energy over these 5 women, it's uncomfortable.
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