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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I think it's because both Victoria and Mel B served a similar purpose when it came to harmonising in the group, so they rarely ended up having to harmonise with one another.

    An interesting case being Something Kinda Funny which has Victoria harmonising with Emma in live performances, while the recorded version is very clearly Mel B doing the harmony.
  2. This was the same with Naked!
  3. Geri and Emma’s 2 Become 1 chorus harmony is so underrated. Such a beautiful combination of vox.
  4. It's just perfect, work so well together.
  5. Well, I always thought it was Victoria on the album too.

    Listening to Forever today I remembered more PoshScary moments: Let Love Lead The Way (the "love lead the waay" at the very end) and Oxygen's second bridge.
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  6. 1st December is finally here, and feels like the perfect time to listen to their festive classics and covers back to back:

    Will all be on repeat up until the big day!
  7. I guess if your personality is based around these girls, find something else, so have they themselves.
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  8. Victoria posted David singing the beginning of All I want for Christmas and well... He is not bad.
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  9. MB


    I'm guessing 10mil from Qatar can pay for a lot of singing lessons.
  10. I know someone who worked on a show Corden was presenting. Corden didn't acknowledge him even once. Just completely blanks anyone who isn't "the talent". They might as well not exist.
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  11. David replacing Victoria on the next tour confirmed.
  12. Nothing that we didn't already know
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  13. [​IMG]

    I know it is known that Mel B and Victoria’s relationship has been a bit up and down but poor Mel C!
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  14. Geri and Mel B have always had that fiery bond while Emma was Mel's sidekick when they lived in the house and would go clubbing together. The two Mel's have that "Northerners" connection, but both have admitted to not being as close to each other as they are to the other members.
  15. In Mel C’s book it’s alluded that B was jealous and felt threatened by Mel C in the early gays and they weren’t in a boos place because of that.
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  16. Some funny typos/predicted text there. Haha
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  17. Omg scream - leaving them
  18. Emma's acting skills put to work on Sunday Brunch yesterday pretending she had to leave early to rehearse when it was to have Christmas drinks with Holly Willoughby and co. Queen.
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