Spice Girls

It is but wasn’t widely distributed. Only 500 of the Ginger one were made. It bugs my OCD that it doesn’t say “limited edition Ginger single” in a red circle on hers haha
There were a handful of Ginger ones that got given away as prizes.
Ah okay, I got suspicious when I noticed the CD has the regular single design instead of the individual designs.

Victoria Beckham’s Spice Girls to perform at King Charles coronation?

According to a report by The Sun, the royal organisers have requested the British pop icons to perform at King Charles coronation.

The publication, citing an insider revealed, “Royal organisers are super keen to secure Britain’s biggest girl band and the Spice Girls are seriously pondering a return to the stage as a five piece for such a historical event.”

They last performed as a five-piece at the Olympics closing ceremony in London in 2012.

The insider said, “Certainly the reality is that the Coronation is as special as The Olympics - a one off celebration and unique performance.”

According to reports the Spice Girls met the then-Prince Charles several times during their heyday in the 1990s.
I would say there is a chance this could happen since it is a historical moment (something both Posh spice and Posh Spice II Geri would jump at the chance). Come on girls....give us what we want....what we really really want!