Spice Girls

So she should give up her dream/love of fashion designing because you say so?


It hasn’t been a success so yeah I think it’s time to give up, she gave it a shot which I respect however you have to know when to give up aswell. Dreams don’t always work out, that’s just life I’m afraid. I have given up many things I aspired to do that I just couldn’t or just weren’t happening for me.
Even if Victoria stops working tomorrow she has enough money to never work again for the next 250 years.

But yes rich people always want to get richer.
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I won't pretend to be a financial expert but Victoria's true value as a "fashion designer" goes far beyond the losses on the balance sheet of her own fashion companies. Her work feeds into the Beckhams' status as a power couple, "Brand Beckham", where the real money is. Neither Victoria nor David would be as successful without the other, and that's where Victoria's fashion endeavours could be seen as a loss leader.
In 2020, the brand made 11.4 million in profit on 11.6 million in revenue? So she sold 200k of clothing at a 5800% markup?

There’s definitely some funny money accounting going on, probably because as others have pointed out, fashion is just one leg of their brand.

See, I read this as it meaning that this year in Net Profit, Victoria made 19 Million, last year in net profit she made 11.6 Million and the year before that she made 11.4 Million.

Maybe the original post wasn’t clear but that’s how I interpreted it at, but I could be wrong.