Spice Girls

On the latest Eurovisioncast podcast by BBC Sounds, one of them let slip that he was told of the grand final interval act by someone in the industry and announced that it's one of his favourite music acts of all time - one that so many will appreciate. Would it be so far fetched to put their name to this? It's not Olympics level, no, but as a four piece it would be a much bigger audience than a Glastonbury set.

The contest is also taking place in the same week as the King's Coronation. What are the chances they opted for this instead?

Still can't believe I was at this show and met 3 of them within 24 hours. This was when Ticketmaster had that weird auction option where they picked your seats based on how much you were willing to pay so me and my friend casually put in $200 and got 7th row right next to the catwalk. We were next to a middle aged couple who'd gone to all 4 Toronto shows
It would be incredibly convenient that of all the live versions of Stop and Spice Up Your Life to pick from, the girls just happened to select two performances from shows that leaked over 10 years ago.

Sure, the Toronto and Manchester audios probably came from tour footage, but that will go back into the archives to collect dust for the next 25 years.