Spice Girls

I had a dream last night that a new tour was announced during an ad break on TV, with the hashtag #TheLegacyOfSpice.
The advert was based on the alternate video for Spice Up Your Life, with Emma saying tickets available from Wednesday.

Is this my subconscious wanting a tour to be announced…!
Some of the "elite " fans have the betacam tapes from the European leg at least. I doubt any more will get shared though.Its a power thing for them.
Honestly, the amount of gatekeeping from some of these “elite“ fans is unreal. Ive never really understood it, it’s not like they can take such possessions with them into the next life. If I remember correctly, one of them in particular got quite angry when one of the Forever demos leaked as they claimed they had it for years.

I was so happy when ROTSG leaked and it originated from one of the dancers who uploaded it to their Vimeo. No private sales or fans teasing others that they had it. I hope we get similar with Spiceworld 2019 one day.
So now We have 3 alternative videos on anniversary,
Viva forever alternative next?
An official upload of some upscaled tour footage from 1998 would be appreciated, maybe a mix of different dates dubbed with the Manchester audio from the 25th Anniversary release?
Any news if they are doing anything for the movie anniversary? I’d love to see it on Netflix at least. Can’t find it anywhere.