Spice Girls

It’s so sad that we know is just siting there collecting dust with the additional 20 something dates a fan is holding onto to for some reason, which we know it doesn’t even involves money is beyond me.

How exciting would it be even if he charge for it. I mean i don’t get it, for him to be able to discuss, talk about the details and see people working on that footage using AI upscale and so on would’t it be more exciting that having those tapes for himself…
He definitely gets off on the attention it brings . quite sad really when 99% of the fanbase have nothing rare to offer .
I’m still shocked that aswell as being 25 years since Geri left it’s 20 years since this sultry little number was released.

This was the music Emma was destined to make. It suited her voice to perfection.

My favourite Emma single!! Maybe is fabulous and that goes without saying obviously, but this is all where it's at for me.
Just rewatched the ladies 2000 Brits performance man the energy was just explosive. My favroite part is the acapella pf Say You'll Be There.

Their blend here is truly perfect. I remember being taken back hearing Mel C doing the lower harmony above Mel B when i first saw this performance since normally she often sung the higher bits with Emma and I rarely heard her use her lower register before it was very sultry. Victoria was carrying that melody boy. Just all around my favorite acapella performance from them.

That is definitely the best performance they ever gave as a band, strictly speaking about vocals and choreography. They had so much to offer in 1999-2001, but alas...
I was just listening to an audio rip of "Mama" performed live in Istanbul and those lower harmonies in the pre-chorus sound so good! Why her vocals were completely left out of the studio album version of the song is still a mystery to me...

The harmonies are distributed differently on the single version to the album mix. I think the live version reflects that.