Spice Girls

Mi Chico Latino is the only song from Schizophonic that can hold a candle to the group's output.

Holler, Tell Me Why, IYWHSF & Get Down With Me are fantastic tracks. I just wish they had worked predominately with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis instead of Darkchild, as they seemed to really put their efforts into the band and invest in the development of their sound. Darkchild gave them leftovers and the lack of identity was apparent.
18 years today since Geri’s final released studio album made its way into the world. Sadly it bombed commercially and was quite messy structure wise however amongst all that negativity she unleashed one of the best pop songs to ever exist imo.

I still listen to it on a regular basis and still can’t believe it was never released as a single.

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What single did she release instead of Love Never Loved Me?
Ride It? Passion?
The Desire promotional could possibly be compared to Padam Padam but for all wrong reasons.

Desire and Padam both have an edgy sound but as Padam is perfect for Kylie and her vocal style, Desire just didn't work for Geri as an artist and vocal. She tried to be cool but sadly she was never going to win the 'cool' crowd with that video and styling and it just fell flat. The video is cringe (licking a bowl of milk 'sexy') as shows when a video can thwart promotion, as Padam - strange colour grading aside - is perfect in it's weirdness, genuine coolness and it's iconic look (which will now be forever installed as one of Kylie's 'looks') helping promote it.

As a song, I quite liked Desire (how it got picked over Love Never Loved Me I never know?) and it's up there with my most played Geri singles. Released by the right artist at the right time (Maybe Rachel Stevens) with the right styling, video etc then I reckon it could have been a sizeable hits in the right hands. It was just an poorly designed promotional strategy, poor visuals and uncool styling against - what was trying to be - a cool sound. The mis-match as a whole helped add to the flop.

I'm not saying it could have been her Padam Padam but the song gets a bad rep and I think it's quite alright! Haha

Controversial opinion here but I think If Kylie has recorded it now, with cool production and followed it after Padam Padam - with great promotional visuals...video etc - then it would be a fair follow up.
Desire was definitely all wrong for Geri but it really wasn't given a chance as it was blacklisted by radio and her entire reason for releasing it was for radio to jump on it.


On top of that at this exact time the Spice Girls Live 8 reunion rumours were flying everywhere and I think it overexposed them massively. I think people were either sick of hearing about them or sick of the solo stuff and wanted to see them together again.
I just remember Geri performing Desire in what I guess would be described as Sexy or Silky Office wear. And feeling it felt off and she probably should have gone for being the cat persona.

But doing the cat movements in her office outfit felt a bit cringey.