Spice Girls


Some don’t even watch the content you comment on before jumping to conclusions and twisting words. Can’t believe my comment was actually deleted. Give me strength.
Sometimes providing context in these situations at time of posting helps.
With The Beatles releasing a new song, it does make me wonder how a new Spice Girls song would do if it was properly marketed and promoted.

”Properly promoted” is the dream cos the girls never, historically, post peak era, seem that… invested collectively (which during Forever was understandable).

Their magic truly comes alive when they’re together. The more they share and spread that collective energy by appearing as a group on shows and in interviews, the better things would work out.

Chances are they’d do an appearance on Strictly, a segment on Jonathan Ross, and consider promotion done, save for individual or duo appearances depending how far they can be bothered to travel.
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I really feel something big is happening next year for their 30th - am I delusional?

There's a big spice exhibition happening in Liverpool next year where they hope to get a couple of spices to open it, plus the rumoured doc that is coming (which if it follows the likes of Beckham and Robbie Williams has to be good). I just really feel (or hope) that there are big plans incoming. Thoughts?