Spice Girls

Seems like Geri is the least interested on doing something these days based on recent interviews.

I can see Geri’s pov though. Her last solo singles bombed and she’s now enjoying success and respect for something. Also during the 2019 tour all she got was mean comments on her performing, now she’s being respected as a writer which must feel so good. Her book has been a best seller on Amazon for weeks now and made the New York Times bestsellers list so I don’t blame her at all for relishing this moment in time.
They will always have something going on individually, but reforming the biggest girl band in history while they still have it in them, for the biggest paycheck they could ever be offered should be their fucking priority - in theory. They are just absolutely unable to agree on the terms and plans, "compromise" everything else for a little while and, above all, put in the work.
Seems like Geri is the least interested on doing something these days based on recent interviews.
I don’t really get it. She was pushing for GEM to happen at one stage. The girls could do a world tour and release music. The main problem is they put their solo work first, even when they announce a comeback, such wasted potential. They could probably gross like 200 million from touring these days if they tried.
We know the demand is there. The girls (at least not all of them) simply don't seem interested enough (especially for a worldwide tour, as ROTSG and Spiceworld 2019 has shown us). Which is a shame.
The problem with the Spice Girls is that on paper a tour is the biggest/easiest earner, but the group is not the lifeline it is to most other former band members.

They'll all get Spice Girls branding/publishing residuals which in recent years probably amounts to a decent income. Victoria and Geri categorically never need to lift a finger again if they don't want to. Emma quite happily ticks over selling nappies, doing Heart and doing the odd day of work at award shows/events. Melanie C now has a profitable solo career with gig bookings & DJ sets. It's probably only Mel B that has the real drive/incentive to work with the group because she could do with the cash injection.

They don't need the group, they have to want it, and for a tour to happen they realistically need to twist either Victoria or Geri's arm which can't be an easy task. They can afford to be picky and stay in their own lanes whilst not having to compromise with four other people.